2018 Goals Check In

Wow look at me!! Blogging two times in one week after being gone for so long!! No promises it will last.

Today I am going to be checking in with some goals I made at the beginning of the year. A lot has changed since then because I’ve been in the high pressure situation of high school final exams. (dun dun daaaa).

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Reading Goals

Read 50 Books // I’m at fifteen at the moment…soooo….. it’s not looking great. But look, I have a plan. I’m going to have 4 months that I will have a lot more free time (after exams and during our study time just before) so hopefully I can get the majority of my reading done then. And if not, I’m not going to push myself too hard.

Physical TBR Below 10 // hahahahahaahahaha we all know this is never going to happen. I would like to get my physical TBR down because I might be moving interstate next year and I don’t want to have to bring all these books I haven’t read with me. I will probably focus on this after my exams.

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Writing Goals

Finish 1 First Draft // This is definitely possible. I have been doing a bit more writing recently and my main project (yeah that one I’ve been working on for like 3 years now) is at 15k with the rest pretty much outlined. Fingers crossed I pull my head into the game and keep going.

Finish Editing One Manuscript // This relies on me actually finishing one… but I know I find editing easier than drafting so if I push through my first draft I might actually achieve this?? Or at least get part way through.

Send Out 5 Queries // I feel like I should cut this goal altogether. This is a goal for next year, when I don’t have massive exams.

Outline Two Novels // Does it count that I have the plot points figured out for my main project?? I’m going to say yes. So this goal is 50% completed. I have a lot more ideas ticking away, and I actually did outline part of one project before realising I didn’t like it.

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Blogging Goals

Reach 500 Followers // I’m currently at 375, which considering I haven’t been here at all is good. If I get back into blogging regularly them maybe??

Publish 100 Posts in 2018 // This is my 13th… woops… I guess I am going to have to do a daily blogging thing for a while to meet this goal. I’ll deal with that later…maybe December???

Have 15k Views in 2018 // I’m barely at 2000, which I am not surprised by considering I haven’t blogged much this year at all.

Host a Give Away // Hasn’t happened yet. Maybe later in the year.

O9VUSY0 (4)

So looks like I’m not doing great at meeting my goals. I’ve pretty much put everything on hold for exams. Are you guys meeting your goals?

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