Are you looking for a site that provides you with book reviews and writing rants? Then Reading Through the Night is for you. My name is Emma and I am a student, reader and writer from Sydney Australia. I try to give my opinion on a wide variety of novels although I primarily read YA fantasy, dystopian or science fiction. I also share my thoughts and tips on writing fiction as well as my journey through the process of writing.

I aim to educate people about new books out, along with old books that shouldn’t be forgotten. Hopefully this will help all of you book lovers out there to never run out of books to read next. I also want to connect with the book lover community and make some life long friends, so don’t be afraid to reach out to me. I started this blog as a way to connect with other readers and writers, and to keep my motivation for writing up. I’d love it if you got involved in my blog community by letting me know what you thought of my posts or the books I speak about.


My Rating System

Everyone rates books differently so this is a short explanation of how I do it. My ratings take into considerations aspects such as plot, pacing, character and world building, however the most important aspect for me is how much I want to keep reading. This does sometimes mean that my ratings on books change over time or depending on my emotions.

1 star – I probably didn’t finish this book, or if I did I hated every second of it

2 stars – I had to force myself to read this, it was a struggle to get through

3 stars – I read it when I set aside time but it didn’t fully click with me

4 stars –  I looked forwards to reading this book and enjoyed it thoroughly

5 stars – I ignored people/places/events to read this book

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