When The Ideas Won’t Cooperate

I am really annoyed at writing right now so this is basically just a rant, but maybe you’ll find it helpful, or at least you can share your frustration with me.

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My Top 10 Camp NaNoWriMo/NaNoWriMo Tips

Hey everyone, I hope you have had a great start to April Camp NaNoWriMo. After doing nanowrimo/camp nanowrimo three times now, I have learnt a fair few lessons about how to do it and I would love to share these lessons with you + a bit on how april is going for me so far!


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Camp NaNoWriMo – How I Create a Story!

Camp Nanowrimo is right round the corner and if your anything like me (which is quite unfortunate) you will only be just starting your planning. Here is how I plan, plus a few tips. Please be advised this is only the way that I plan and this is what suits me. It may not be for you and that is totally fine.

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Participating in Camp Nanowrimo? You Should Be

Camp nanowrimo is coming up soon, for those of you who don’t know camp nanowrimo is a month long writing event similar to nanowrimo (an event where participants try to write 50 000 words in a month) however in camp nanowrimo you can choose your own word count goal and you get a cabin of writers to help encourage you throughout the month.

For those of you already interested you can sign up to camp nanowrimo for a fun month of writing but don’t leave just yet – I’m going to make this list helpful for you too by including tips for reaching your full nanowrimo potential for each of these motivators. (there’s even a printable in there for you – that’s right a free printable to track your writing during camp nanowrimo) For those of you still not sure here’s my handy dandy list of reasons why camp nanowrimo is great.

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Why Writing is Hard

Writing is hard man… Imagine you come up with this idea and it’s precious and small and you just want to take care of it. You want to feed it until it becomes a fully fleshed out plot line and spend hours writing the idea. But the world is a harsh place, you might find out your idea is already very much so a thing, you might lose your excitement after just a few days or you might just not be able to find the time to write around all the other possibilities of what you can spend your time on. Even if you actually get to sit down and work on your book there are so many other challenges that I need to rant about.

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TWP – Getting Words on the Page

I’ve taken a break from my ‘the writing process’ for a few months now just because I wasn’t feeling it. After finishing nanowrimo I’ve had school, computer problems and just plain laziness. Now I need to get motivated and actually write something. I was aiming to write 50k in January but right now I’d be happy to write 30k… or even like 10k. So here I am with a motivation writing post so that I can get motivation for myself and get those words on the page. Here are my tips.

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Sooooo camp nano…. yeahh I have some stuff to own up for. (a quick update: 24k). I wanted to be up to 35k now. It has not happened. I know from the way that I write that I will probably not be able to make 10k in one day. My only way of getting back to where I want to be is to slowly chip away at it. I know that if I can do 3k for a few days then I might be able to make it. So below is some things that I am going to use for motivation to keep pushing. Hopefully they help you to.


Gosh darn you want to do this

You were the one who signed up so go and DO this. You know it is possible, even thought you skipped those days purely by being lazy. You can still make it. I know you’ve done the calculations in your head.


Just set aside the time

Don’t stress and look up tips, you have time so use it. Write, write, write. Don’t worry that you’re not sure where it is going or that it is bad. The only way you can solve those problems is by writing. Or possibly brain storming…


Competition is your friend

You know that you will do anything to win, even force yourself through writing when you don’t want to. You have people to do word sprints with, and they really help. When they aren’t available you have a timer you can set and personal bests to make. You also have word crawls that you are doing (currently this one) and they are helping you. You wrote five hundred words in ten minutes, and sure you had to go back and fix it up but that only made it longer.


Play to your strengths

You know what you are good at, and they are writing setting description and characters telling others stuff in great detail. USE THEM. Use all the little tips, like writing long sentences and writing words in stead of numbers, and not using contractions. It might not make the story better but it will motivate you to write more which is what we need.



I know you are tired and have been writing a lot. I know you just want to sit down and watch TV or read a book. I know that conditions will never be ideal. THEY NEVER WILL BE. You have to suck it up and go write.