Camp NaNoWriMo – How I Create a Story!

Camp Nanowrimo is right round the corner and if your anything like me (which is quite unfortunate) you will only be just starting your planning. Here is how I plan, plus a few tips. Please be advised this is only the way that I plan and this is what suits me. It may not be [...]

TWP – Getting Words on the Page

I've taken a break from my 'the writing process' for a few months now just because I wasn't feeling it. After finishing nanowrimo I've had school, computer problems and just plain laziness. Now I need to get motivated and actually write something. I was aiming to write 50k in January but right now I'd be [...]

TWP – From Idea to Plot

Once you have your idea, what's the next step? Now you need to develop the idea to a point where you can write it. This point is different for everyone, some people (called plotters) like to have the whole thing figured out before they start. Other people like to have the freedom to go wherever [...]

TWP – Worldbuilding

As a fantasy writer and reader world building is very important to me (tip - world building can be done to whatever depth you need or want) so here are a few things to consider when doing world building. I'm firstly going to reinforce making a map of your country/continent which I spoke about in [...]

TWP – Developing Your Characters

Developing characters is an important thing to do before you start writing so that your characters feel real and fleshed out. Sometimes characters come to you fully formed but other times you have no more than a vague feeling. Here is a list of things that are good to consider when developing your characters, and [...]

TWP – Finding Ideas and Inspiration

I've been missing for a while, but now I'm back with this new series on writing called 'The Writing Process' or TWP for short. I don't know how long this series will last, but I'm looking forward to sharing all my knowledge and experiences. So what's the first step in writing? An idea of course. [...]