Camp NaNoWriMo – How I Create a Story!

Camp Nanowrimo is right round the corner and if your anything like me (which is quite unfortunate) you will only be just starting your planning. Here is how I plan, plus a few tips. Please be advised this is only the way that I plan and this is what suits me. It may not be [...]

TWP – Worldbuilding

As a fantasy writer and reader world building is very important to me (tip - world building can be done to whatever depth you need or want) so here are a few things to consider when doing world building. I'm firstly going to reinforce making a map of your country/continent which I spoke about in [...]

Preparing for Nanowrimo

It is October again, meaning nanowrimo is next month and it's time to get planning. Here are a few things I'm going to be doing to get ready that I would recommend you'd try.   Other Commitments I'm trying to do as many things this month as I can so that I am free next [...]