Hidden Gems in Fantasy

This week’s top ten tuesday topic is Hidden Gems in …. I found this topic really difficult, I couldn’t find ten hidden gems in any topic. I considered doing something other than fantasy, but in the end I ended up back with fantasy.

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Top Ten Unique Books on my TBR

I’m back again with another Top Ten Tuesday post (hosted by The Broke and The Bookish). Today’s theme is Top Ten Of The Most Unique Books I’ve Read but as per one of the suggested variations I am going to do the top ten most unique books on my TBR, which will be more my opinion from reading the blurb with will avoid the problem of me only ever talking about the same few books which I have noticed happening quite a lot in tag/top ten tuesdays. For this list I will only be taking books off my TBR list, which for me is a list of books that I am definitely going to read.

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Top Ten Underrated Novels

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. I haven’t done a Top Ten Tuesday in a long while, but I’m back with my top ten underrated novels. There are so many books out there that don’t get the love that they deserve. Here is my attempt to share the love in the bookish community. Now go out and read these books.

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Monthly Recommendations – August

Monthly recommendations is a goodreads group hosted by Trina from Between Chapters and Kayla from Kayla Rayne. This is going to be my first time participating, and luckily this month is a mash up of all their previous topics due to the one year celebration of the group. As always I have tried to include a range of less popular books that I would recommend reading. Without further ado, let’s begin.


Underrated book

7268549The Glass Demon by Helen Grant

This book is a mysterious supernatural thriller that I picked up at a library. On goodreads it is rated 3.5 and has only 1100 reviews in total. I would recommend this to anyone who loves a psychological thriller with a mystery.


Book set in school

963897H.I.V.E. by Mark Walden

This book is set in a school for villains in training, there are so many heists and plots and challenges. It reminds me of Harry Potter in the amount of drama that happens there,  but the kids are so amazing and talented.



Creepy book

17905697Pretty Girl by J C Burke

If you want a book with unexplained murder, kidnapping and college drama then this is the book for you. I read this with some of my friends and we all found it chilling. It was fast moving and stayed with me for years after I read it, although that might just be the inside jokes I had with my friends.



The Paladin Prophecy series by Mark Frost


I haven’t read the whole series but the first book was amazing, and the second one was pretty good. The characters are life like and the settings are amazing. The second book didn’t feel like much of a slump and was a necessary part of expanding the world.


Book others should read before the end of the year

10626594The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater

I have heard amazing things about her other books, but this is the only one that I have read. I would highly recommend it. The world was real and fantastical, it was a stand alone that didn’t take much time to read. However the characters wants and the life lessons they learnt have stuck with me since I read it.


Fantasy book

12842828Keeper of the Lost Cities by Shannon Messenger

I have been following this series since the second book was released three years ago which for me is a long time. This book might be aimed more at middle grade kids and it remains light throughout the series despite the dark plot twists, murders and kidnappings. I think this series will become a staple fantasy novel in the years to come.

(my full review here)


Book with little or no romance

22297138The Novice by Taran Matharu

This book doesn’t need romance to be great. There is an abundance of teenage characters of both the male and female gender but at the completion of the first book there was no hint of romance. I have high hopes for the rest of the series.

(my full review here)





Between the Lives by Jessica Shirvington

I read this at the end of last year and I cried at the end. It is an amazing stand alone by an Australia author who is really good at evoking emotions. The plot leaves you not sure whether it was real or not, but in a good way. It doesn’t take too long to read so you should go do that right now.



Survival story

18043253Code Name Verity by Elizabeth Wein

This book, and the sequel, are very much so what I think of when asked about survival stories. They aren’t set in the wilderness or on some strange planet, instead these books are set in WW2. Not everyone survives these books, making the situation all the more real, and I learnt much about what happened during those years from reading these books. The story is told in an easy to read way and teaches of the life of women in WW2.


Book friendship

6773432Time Riders by Alex Scarrow

The friendship between Liam, Maddy and Sal is great. Despite hardly knowing each other situations soon require them to trust each other, and their skills perfectly compliment each other. They manage to joke around together despite the often dangerous circumstances and are always able to trust that the others have their back. I wish I had friends like this, but then again I doubt I would ever know unless I ran into a situation where I would need to trust others with my life so maybe not.


Set outside of the US

9622286This was by far the hardest category to fill because I wanted to pick something actually set in the real world as opposed to a fantasy one. I finally settled on:

A Waltz for Matilda by Jackie French

This novel is set in Australia, where I am from and I read it when I was younger. It embodies not only the place Australia but also the culture. A great way to get a taste of the land.


Empowering female character

3233802Obernewtyn by Isobelle Carmody

I have been following this series since I was in year five, and the last book just came out (no spoilers please I have to do a full series reread before I read it). Elspeth Gordie has been a constant role model for me in the past five years of my life, from ages ten to fifteen which are quite impressionable years. Elspeth has romantic interests, but they don’t dominate her life. She stays strong through so many situations where it seems like there is no hope including the loss of many friends and a secret that she has to bear alone. Her strength has impacted me and how I view the world, and for that I am thankful.


What books have you read recently that fit these categories?

Top Ten Books I Have Read That Have Under 2000 Ratings On Goodreads

This list is mainly middle school novels which people hadn’t reviewed at that age then had forgotten about. These are all books that I thoroughly enjoyed at the age of ten to twelve. I would love to hear if you have read any of these books. Top Ten Tuesday  is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.


The Quest for the Sun Gem (The Sun Sword Trilogy, #1)The Quest for the Sun Gem by Belinda Murrell

So I loved this series when I was younger, so it’s a real shame to see not many people seem to have read it. This is one of the first books I remember reading, a medieval type fantasy adventure quest. It was great, and I loved the characters and I loved the idea of a fantasy setting. It set me up to continue reading fantasy.


Born to Rule by Kathryn Lasky

Born to Rule is a novel about a summer camp for princesses248387s from different kingdoms to
meet and make friends. This book provided a good look into the backgrounds of each of the characters. There was also a mystery in the novel which was very interesting to try to piece together. I am glad that I read this novel as a middle schooler, as it had some strong female characters and there really weren’t many male characters. Romance wasn’t really a feature, and it was more about the princess developing into better people.


Runaway Retriever by Tui T Sutherland

8875322Runaway Retriever combined my love for dogs with some interesting characters. I loved the world and wanted to learn more about each of the children. This is an extensive series about dogs causing trouble for their owners, however I never got around to reading more than the first four in the series.


Crystal Doors by Rebecca Moesta849111


I read this more recently, when I was in year eight. It is a fantasy style novel about two
cousins who are transported to another world and get involved in the war there. There were many different worlds/landscapes explored in this novel and I liked how the different species and cultures were introduced.


1488204The Shadow Thief by Alexandra Adornetto

I read Alexandra Adornetto’s Halo series because the covers looked nice, so I moved on to this series which is a bit more fantastical. It is about the bizarre adventures that some kids get up to in their rather strange town. This was really fun to read and was easy to get into.


The Carbon Diaries by Saci Lloyd4935015

The Carbon Diaries is written in a diary style, and is about a world where global warming is so bad that carbon is rationed. This novel follows the main character Laura as her family tries to deal with being more energy conscious in various different methods. It is entertaining to see the various different characters and this book also manages to teach you something about global warming consequences and helpful strategies.


7268549The Glass Demon by Helen Grant

This is more targeted at an older audience and is a supernatural mystery. I enjoyed how the character dealt with the struggles she faced, and the setting was in Germany which was really interesting to read about. This author usually writes adult fiction, so I was surprised to find that this novel had less than 2000 reviews.


The Obsidian Blade by Pete Hautman12475931

This books in the first in a sci-fi trilogy that is highly confusing. I didn’t really understand what was going on for a lot of the novel, but it really made me think and the ideas explored were really interesting. This novel dealt with a lot of time travel and dimension jumping


16059428Replica by Jenna Black

I was really shocked to see that this series had less than one thousand reviews. It is a young adult sci-fi, and the two main characters Nadia Lake and Nathan Hayes are set up to be married, however both of them know any marriage will be closer to a friendship. There is political drama and some very scandalous secrets.


Earthfall by Mark Walden13032249

Earthfall reminds me heavily of the 5th wave, with aliens and apocalypse and brain
washing. I loved Mark Walden’s previous series, HIVE although it did drag on a little bit too long. I am looking forward to seeing where this series goes.