How to Manage Your TBR (ft. my Massive TBR)

My TBR is massive ok. Here is my journey in trying to get it to shrink. Hopefully this can help you too. Let's just take a look at my TBR for a second. Do you know how many books there are? See that number? Is it just me or does that say 432?? No? Not [...]

Top Ten Authors I Would Love to Meet

Yay, another Top Ten Tuesday. Haven't done one of these for a few weeks because they were on hiatus and I didn't like a few of the topics. TBH I wasn't going to do this topic but I am really busy with school work and haven't been reading many books so this seemed like a [...]

Tips to Bookshelf Organisation

I got a new bookshelf for Christmas and I've put a bunch of stuff on it to make it look nice which includes all of my books.Ā Because that would be a relatively short post I've decided to combine my photos with descriptions of how I order my bookshelf. Hopefully you enjoy and learn a lot [...]