A Photo Post

I said in my plans for the blog post that I was interested in getting more into photography. Here are some of my first attempts that I'm hoping aren't too terrible. If you have any tips for me that would be highly appreciated.   I recently got this hard cover copy of The Scorpio Races [...]

Rebel of the Sands Review

Today I am reviewing Rebel of the Sands by Alwyn Hamilton. I read this book while travelling into town on the train. I was incredibly exhausted at the time and it was good to have a book that was easy to get into and didn't take much effort to read.   Rebel of the Sands [...]

Plans for the Blog

I know that I said I would be back, but it seems that I am only half back. My computer is still throwing a tantrum so I need to get that fixed ASAP, and I need to stop making excuses and get to writing blog posts. Here are some plans for what I want to [...]