Are We Harsher on ARCs Discussion

So in the past year as a blogger I've started to get sent ARCs (advanced review copies) and in my yearly wrap up I found that on average I rated ARCs quite a bit lower than I did books I chose to read, so today I want to examine why this could be. (note this [...]

Why Prioritizing Reading is Difficult

So I am actually really bad at getting as much reading done and I want to. No matter how much I want to read and how many awesome books there are out there I always manage to fill my minuscule amounts of free time in a different way. I get the feeling that if I [...]

Physical Books, Ebooks and Audio Books – Discussion

I'm really busy with school work at the moment so I thought it would be fun to have a more discussion type post. I use physical books, ebooks and audio book and consider them all books, however there are some differences that make the experience quite unique depending on which format you choose. I'm going [...]