2017 Reading Statistics and Goals Check In

Like a lot of bloggers, I track all my reading in an excel spreadsheet and I love looking back on what I’ve read and the trends in my reading. I originally planned to have this be a part of my 2017 end of year survey post, however it was getting wayyyy too long so I decided to post this separately. Hence why it is being posted in the middle of the week on a day I don’t usually post.

2017 stats

In 2017 I read 90 books and 10 novellas that count in my goodreads goal (meaning I reached 100 books!!!!) but don’t count novellas in my personal reading statistics because they’re very short and I felt bad counting them as a whole book if they’re only like 100 pages… I think in 2018 I will count them, just because I don’t like having the disconnect between the two records.

O9VUSY0 (4)


I read books from 55 authors in 2017.

My most read authors were

  • Leigh Bardugo – 5 books
  • Marissa Meyer – 4 books
  • Isobelle Carmody – 4 books


Of the authors I read, 74% were female, which is a really large percent.

new new new

Of the authors I read, 63% were first time authors which is a massive amount. 29% were author’s I’d read at least 2 books by before 2017 started and 7% were authors I’d read 1 book by before 2017.

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Form and Genre

genre bar

The genres I read most of in 2017 were

  • Fantasy – 29 books
  • Sci-fi – 19 books
  • Literary fiction – 9 books <— aka books I had to read for school that didn’t fit anywhere else

genre pie

ALSO I hope you are enjoying these sweet graphs I’ve made, the colour schemes took so long but in my mind they’re so worth it


77 of the 90 texts I read were novels, with 6 being collections of short stories (I did a topic at school where I had to read a bunch of these) and 3 being plays (again for school)

year published

Most of the books I read had been published in 2016 (because by then they’re in my library) followed by 2017. I really didn’t expect that, but I guess it makes sense because in the bookish community there’s a large focus on books that are recent.

page length

Firstly, omg this colour scheme makes me cry. Secondly, most of the books I read were between 300 and 400 pages which I expected. I think the solid number of middle grade books I read in 2017 contributed towards the large amount of books between 100 and 200 pages.


67 of the books I read were physical books, while 19 were ebooks and 4 were audiobooks. I am surprised at how many ebooks there are, but I think that is just is because most of the ARCs I obtain are in ebook format and I read a lot of short middle grade books over ebook when I was in a reading slump.


I got the majority of my books (at least 1/3) from the library. I also bought or were gifted a large number of books. I’ve really tried to grow my book collection this year which is reflected in this statistic. 1/8 of the books I read were required school reading, thus supplied by my school, and another 1/8 were sent to my by an author/publisher or obtained via edelweiss. And that “other” portion is books I borrowed from friends or read without officially checking them out from libraries etc.

O9VUSY0 (4)


On average, it took me 14 days to read a book. However when I remove all the books it took me over 100 days to finish (ie the ones I wasn’t really wanting to read) that number drops to 8 days on average.

series position

Over 1/4 of the books I read were stand alones, with the same going for books that were first in a series. 11 book I read were the last book in a series, which means I pass my 2017 reading goal to finish 10 series. I am largely ignoring my 2017 reading goals because I failed most of them, but this is one I will acknowledge.

O9VUSY0 (4)



I rated two thirds of the books I read in 2017 four or five stars. That’s crazy. I rated over 1/4 of the books I read 5 stars. Either I’m giving out 5 stars too easily, or I am very good at picking what I will like.

For 2018 I am redoing my rating scale to try to remove this positive skew. My star rating now means:

  • 1 star means I wanted to DNF this book multiple times but couldn’t quite bring myself to do it
  • 2 stars means I wish I hadn’t wasted my time on it OR this book was good but then the ending wasn’t satisfying and I am really annoyed at it OR this book was alright but had problematic representations of race/culture/sexuality/gender/mental health etc.
  • 3 stars means this book wasn’t a waste of my time and I’m glad I’ve read it to see what people were talking about, but it wasn’t special and I probably won’t compare other books to it OR this book could have been better but I’ll give it some extra points because of the great representation of race/culture/sexuality/gender/mental health etc.
  • 4 stars means I enjoyed this book, it stood out from the crowd and did something different, it’s definitely one I would recommend reading
  • 5 stars means this book was amazing, I loved every second I spent reading it and I wouldn’t change a thing OR this book was really enjoyable and the ending or plot twist completely blew me away

rating of debut

Of the 10 debut novels I read, most of them were four star reads. None of them were one or two stars. I think I am being too soft on some of these books, but most of them did deserve their high ratings.

2017 releases

I read 14 books that were released in 2017, and on average I gave them 3.5 stars. All but one of the 2017 releases I rated 3 stars and below were ones I got from edelweiss or via author request. The one 2017 release I rated 5 stars was The Hate U Give, no surprises there.


I read 11 books sent to me via author request, publishers or edelweiss. Of these books, none were 1 star reads (which isn’t surprising because I only have 2 books total rated 1 star on my goodreads) and none of them were 5 star reads. On average I rated these books 3.2, and nearly half of them were 4 star reads.

Of the books I read, 10 were own voices and 14 were rereads. I’d like to increase the number of own voices books I read in 2018 and I will probably do a solid number of rereads as well.

O9VUSY0 (4)

And now because this post isn’t linked with the end of year book wrap up (which will be posted on Saturday) I’m going to go over my 2017 goals and then make some new ones for 2018.

O9VUSY0 (4)

Reading Goals

In 2017 my goals were…

  • read 80 books // this was a sucess
  • finish 10 series // technically I did this, but a lot of the series I finished have spin off series so I am kind of not done
  • have less than 3 books on my physical tbr // who were you kidding?? even if we don’t count the library books or books in my sister’s room there are 13
  • read 12 classics // I read 4. And only one of those was a choice, the others were because they were required reading for school

In 2018 my goals are…

  • read 50 books // my goodreads goal is only 40 because I don’t want the pressure, but I am aiming for 50 books
  • get my physical tbr to less than 10 books // and this excludes library books and books I’m only getting for christmas or my birthday (which coincidentally is the 4th of January shhhh)

yeah, I am not making many goals

O9VUSY0 (4)

Writing Goals

In 2017 my goals were…

  • participate in camp nanowrimo in April and July // I participated… but I got no where near winning
  • write 100k in first drafts // again, who were you kidding? you made it 50k in the whole year, which is actually more than I expected…
  • finish dawn of discovery first draft // no, you realised how unplanned that project was and bailed on it and have yet to go back, maybe in 2018?

In 2018 my goals are…

  • finish 1 first draft // considering I am part way through 3 different first drafts right now (one is at 20k, one is at 25k and is mostly outlined, and one is at 133k of directionless trash which is so much more than I expected and I am now kind of scared) this is definitely possible
  • finish editing one manuscript // I kind of doubt this will happen, but I do have 2 months after my exams end when I will no longer have any commitments in which I hope to do a lot of writing so maybe???
  • send out 5 queries // wow slow down there Emma, but yes, I want to get traditionally published so if I finish edits we’ll see
  • outline 2 novels // this is far more possible and likely, hopefully one of them will be that one you’ve got 133k on because it would be a shame to let it go to waste and you love all the characters (why am I speaking in second person? please stop me)

O9VUSY0 (4)Blogging Goals

In 2017 my goals were…

  • write blog posts a week in advance // haha what? but then again you had them done for a month in advance for nanowrimo and it was bliss, so maybe
  • write reviews for more than 1/3 of books I read // From my quick count (which may be wrong) I reviewed 32 books this year. Considering I read 90, I just scrape in. Wow. I started the year off well but as soon as it got busy there were no reviews.
  • get to 200 followers // I did this!! I actually made it to 300 followers to and I’m currently at 348 which is amazing
  • get more than 150 views every month // this seems like a stupid goal now that I am averaging 700 views a month, but back in 2016 I was no where near 150 views a month which just shows how much can change in a year
  • get more than 1500 views over the year // I got nearly 8500 views this year which 2016 me never would have believed because in 2016 I was at 1299 views so thank you so much everyone

In 2018 my goals are…

  • reach 500 followers // pretty self explainatory
  • publish 100 blog posts over the year // I know my last year of high school is going to be stressful so hopefully I can still keep up with regular posts, and if not I’ll do a lot of posts at the end of the year

And I have a few things that aren’t officially goals, but there’re like wishlist items that I hope I can do

  • have 15k views over the year // it seems ambitious saying it now, but considering I jumped by 7k views from last year it’s possible
  • host a give away // I’d love to do a give away, I am tossing up whether to do it for my 2 year blogging anniversary or whether I should do it if/when I reach 500 followers. I’d love to hear you thoughts if you’ve got any.

O9VUSY0 (4)

Were there any trends in your reading that surprised you? what goals do you have for 2018?

4 thoughts on “2017 Reading Statistics and Goals Check In

  1. Yes! These statisticy posts and color scheme charts make my nerd heart sing! I’ve actually also started writing my posts a week in advance, and it’s been super nice. Now all I have to do is copy and paste stuff and chat with a bunch of awesome people in the comments!


    1. Yay!! I think if I can get into the groove of writing posts in advance I’d love it but I’m worried I’d fall behind again as soon as school starts. Fingers crossed though!

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