Nanowrimo 2017 Update (2)

Nanowrimo is two thirds done and I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to reach 50k. Although I really want to write the daily goals I need to reach to finish are over 3k every day and with all the homework I have I am not sure if that’s really achievable.

nanowrimo update 2


Day 11 – Saturday + Day 12 – Sunday + Day 13 – Monday

No writing. I have no excuse. I was watching tv.


Day 14  – Tuesday

today’s goal – 23 338

total words written – 15 635

words written today – 1179


I haven’t written in 5 days, and if I don’t get back on the train soon there is no way I will be able to finish nanowrimo on time. Only I am feeling demotivated and lazy and school is also getting busy. I do want to do nano though and I know I will regret it if I don’t. If I write 2k every day that remains I will make it, but because I’m not sure whether that will actually happen I want to set my daily goal at 2.5k from now on. I also plan to have a day where I just write, probably next Saturday, and hopefully that will get me back up to date.


I have written a bit!! It’s only just over 1k but it’s something. It’s getting late and I have a pounding headache so I kind of want to stop writing, but I am really in the scene and I love the dynamic between these two characters so I think I’ll go get a glass of water and see. Tomorrow I really need to start earlier than this so I can write a heap. I have been putting off the writing for so long but it’s pouring out of me after this break so yay!!

Okay yup. I am going to sleep. I will write tomorrow for sure. I am inspired again. I need to stop relying on inspiration. If I keep writing at the pace I was before my break I will make it to 45k, but if I put in a bit of extra effort on the weekends I am sure I can make it.


Day 15 – Wednesday

today’s goal – 25 005

total words written – 15 635

words written today – 0



Writing is definitely going to go down today. DEFINITELY. (haha you thought) Also I am getting an urge to work on a story I started when I was younger, a middle grade one that is kind of typical but would be really chill. I like that idea. We’ll see.


Doing creative writing in english is killing my drive to first draft because it is making me doubt my abilities and feel like my writing will never be good enough. Why do we have to be doing this now?? It’s making me so perfectionistic which is really not helpful right now.


I am so tired. I don’t think I can write tonight unfortunately. Tomorrow morning I will definitely try to for sure, but at the same time I kind of need to do school work… ahh.


Day 14 – Thursday

today’s goal – 26 672

total words written – 18 194

words written today – 2559


I am pretty annoyed at my school teacher right now because her criticism has made me just want to give up completely… and I am so far behind… but I want to finish this story.


So I’ve written around 800 words today, I still have another hour or two to write so if I continue at this pace I should get to around 2.5k. Fingers crossed. I’m setting a goal of reaching 30k by the 19th (haha you thought) which would put me only one day behind. It would mean that I need to write over 3k every day, which isn’t impossible. I am not sure I will reach it, but if I try for that then I might reach 25k by Saturday (again, haha you thought) which would put me 3 days behind and that is possible. I just need to get a bit closer, I am currently like a week behind and that is super demotivating.


I copied in some stuff I wrote before nanowrimo (spliced into what I was already writing and I have now reached over 2k for today!! Whooo!! I am going to do some school stuff (or maybe just watch tv… we’ll see… but then I want to get a bit more writing done.

I am at 17 903 right now, so I can definitely reach 18k by the end of the day and maybe I will even make it to 19k???


Quotes From Today

These have kind of trailed off because I haven’t been doing much writing…wooops.

“She’d been a cloud of acid rain waiting for a target.”


Day 17 – Friday + Day 18 – Saturday

Nothing. No writing. Ahh great. I am not over 10k behind. I don’t think I am going to try to catch up fully. I have exams coming up and I really need to focus on them, I wanted to be way ahead so I could focus on school closer to exams but that kind of fell apart.

I think instead the plan will be to average 1k every day for the whole of November, December and January until I finish the first draft. And after that… I think I will outline the second book in the series so that I can write it once I have done my final school exams in nanowrimo next year. But yeh. School has to take priority unfortunately.


Day 19 – Saturday

today’s goal – 31 673

total words written – 20 221

words written today – 2027


So with my new goal of 1k per day, I need to reach 19k today. I am at 18k so that is only like an hour of writing, and if I feel the urge to write more then I definitely will. It just depends on how long it takes me to finish the school work I plan to do.

Part of me is still holding out that somehow I’ll still manage to write 50k??? And I think that if I could mayyybe write all of today and get close to back up to date it might be possible… but I have school work… but also I am so uninspired to do school work sooooo maybe just write today?????

But yeah it’s getting to the point where I’m so far behind that I don’t know whether catching up will be worth it. I am 13k behind right now and once I get past 5k behind I start feeling uninspired but obviously I can’t write 8k today because I can’t write that fast. But maybe I could do 5k?? Like 5k would be better than nothing… I think I am going to watch some of the old nanowrimo virtual write in videos and try to get some writing done. I will update you more later.


I’ve read through my outline and I’ve decided to write a chapter that I have been REALLY wanting to write since I first thought of this idea. It is the scene that first came to me, and it’s from a new POV character who I am excited to write and get inside his head. Wish me luck!! I think I will aim to reach 2k today, and then I will go do some homework and if it isn’t too late I’ll do more writing. I really need to stop being so careful with my word choices and just write, I think that’s my aim for today.


It’s been like an hour and I’ve written 800 words which has put me over to 19k!!! I think I will take a bit of a break and then try to write for a bit longer. It’s just keeping my momentum up that’s a problem. I get bored easily… woops…


I’ve reached the daily goal! I’m at 19 872 words and I am probably going to work on school stuff for a while then try to get more writing done. If I continue meeting the daily word goal every day I should be able to reach 40k.

I am basically procrastinating school work right now by writing… I need to stop that. But today I wrote the scene that started this all for me, and to start with I was worried I wouldn’t be able to live up to my hopes for it but I think it was good. I liked getting an outsider’s perspective of my group, especially because his voice is really interesting.


Hahah so no more writing… yet… I am really not tired and I am trying to get a last bit of homework done because I spent a lot of time today doing nothing, but you never know. I might end up writing a bit more.


Okay, I reached 2k for today and 20k in my novel!!!!!!! YASSSSS. I am going to go to bed and hopefully this will continue into tomorrow. It is still pretty discouraging that I am over 10k behind, but I’m not going to put too much pressure on myself because then I know I will just write nothing. I just need to take advantage of the small 20 minute chunks I have during the day instead of wasting them.


Day 20 – Monday

today’s goal – 33 340

total words written – 20 937

words written today – 716


I have calculated it, and as long as I write over 2.5k every day I should be able to still reach 50k. I’m less behind than I thought!! I do still have schoolwork to do, but it’s just a matter of using the time I have more productively and falling back in love with my story. I can do this!! I just need to keep going. I really don’t want to fail at it… but ahhh yeh.


I’m really not in the mood to write at the moment. I will definitely write to meet the daily goal but there is so much school work and I just want to sleep.


I have written a tiny bit today, but I really want to write more :( I just keep getting distracted and now I’m tired. I’m going to keep pushing through for at least the next hour and hopefully I’ll reach 2k (or more)


Part of me wants to stop for the night but I’ve only written 500 words today so I will soldier on.


Nope. I’m out. I am so tired. And I know only writing 700 words today is ruining my chances of ever getting back on track even more but there’s no point in forcing myself. Ahh whatever.

I am really torn between just writing non stop until the month ends and making it to 50k (hopefully) but that would leave me with only 3 days to prepare for my exams… and ahhh… I don’t feel like that is a smart decision. I think I’m going to write up a really thorough list of what I need to do when and make daily goals homework wise and once I reach them I just write for the rest of the day.


So I’ve done a bithow of scheduling and there’s less school stuff that I actually NEED to do for exams than is I thought there was. So I am definitely going to keep trying to write. Tomorrow morning, once I’ve formatted this blog post, I will get to writing and hopefully I can do a solid 2k in the morning and then more when I get home! Goodnight!!


Day 21 – Tuesday

Well hasn’t this been a roller coaster of emotions. I have more free time this week in my schedule so I’m going to try to write a lot because I really want to make it to 50k. I know it is possible, I just need to have one or two really big writing days.

The nanowrimo goal for today is 35k, but if I can reach 25k I think I will be massively happy. That will still mean writing 4k today, but it’s possible. I can do it. I aim going to aim to write 5k every two days and that way I will finish in time. I just need to buckle down and write.


how is nanowrimo going for you??

2 thoughts on “Nanowrimo 2017 Update (2)

  1. Good luck. You can do it! You’ve already made it so far – much better than I did. I was determined to be a part of it this time and when I failed on day one, I gave up. Sigh.So, to me – you’re doing an amazing job. Keep it up!


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