NaNoWriMo Update (1)

We’re 1/3 of the way through Nanowrimo!! My motivation is kind of dipping. I haven’t written anything for the past two days because I’ve been busy and distracted and a bit sick. But I’m going to do heaps of writing over the weekend so you don’t need to worry about me.

nanowrimo update 1


Day 1 – Wednesday

today’s goal – 1667

words written – 2038



I’m not off to a good start. I struggled to go to sleep last night and I think I only got around three hours sleep so I am not thinking too clearly. I always have a busy day on Wednesday too, I have to go to the gym and to school and it’s going to tire me out completely. Hopefully I can get my writing done before that becomes too big of a problem.


No writing yet, but I plan to do at least a first draft of a short story for my English class that acts kind of like a backstory for one of my characters. It’s unfortunate that I have to do it, but it’s due on Monday.


Finally got my first sentence down on this short story! I’ve got to keep writing.


I only have like 300 words… eww writing is going to take a while to get back into.


Quotes from Today

“A girl considered by most to have double the ocean’s secrets hidden twice as well,”

“She was the fire billowing from a circus performer’s mouth. She was amazing, slightly magical, and dangerous in a way that wasn’t noticeable until you stepped back to see the wreckage you were standing in.”

Ahh sharing my writing is kind of scary.


Day 2 – Thursday

daily goal – 3334

total words written – 4123

words written today – 2085



Wow I have said nothing in a while. Wednesdays are always really busy for me, but I managed to make it to 2k before collapsing into my bed. Today writing is a bit more difficult. My second chapter has a different POV character who is a bit difficult to get into and at this point I have only written 1k today and I am feeling a bit unmotivated. I should still be able to reach 2k before I go to sleep, but I need to push past the point that I am sick of writing.


I have reached 4k!! Well to be more exact I have reached 4123. That means I’ve met my goal of 2k every week day, but there was a lot of conversation that I wrote without really elaborating on it because writing has been a real struggle today. I’m going to watch some writing vlogs and hope it motivates me enough to fix some of them up. It would be great to boost my word count even further.


Okay so I’m not going to write any more… hahaha


Quotes from Today

“Brooke abandoned putting pressure on his wound to check for a pulse, her hands slid against his skin leaving blood red smears.”

“Victoria’s words were rash considering they didn’t understand what had actually occurred, but the visible relaxation of Manisha’s shoulders spoke volumes about how much she’d needed to hear them.”


Day 3 – Friday

today’s goal – 5001

total words written – 6171

words written today – 2048



Fridays are also pretty busy for me. At this point I’ve written around 1400 words today. I will definitely push myself to the goal of 1667 but I don’t think I will make it to 2k. I took a bit of a break, I had work, and now I am exhausted. I also finally figured out my other POV character, she’s a lot darker than I expected so it took me a bit longer to get into writing her voice but now things are going well.


Ummm so somehow I managed to do it?? In the past 25 minutes I’ve written 600 words?? I’m getting into the groove of things. This was my writing speed last year and I got kind of worried when it took me an hour and a half to make it to 600 on day 1. So I’m now over 6k, which I wasn’t even planning to reach, and I have finished chapter 2. I’m really loving my writing today, I’m feeling very happy. But not it’s late and I’m going to go to bed.


Quotes from Today

“She’d let that anger harden into an icy dagger, and when it was ready she’d ensure Manisha paid.”

“It was the same sort of paranoia as when you can’t tell whether the food between your braces is actually visible and every time someone glances at you or laughs in your proximity you’re convinced it’s about you even when the balance of probability tells you it’s not.”


Day 4 – Saturday

today’s goal – 6668

total words written – 7839

words written today – 1668



Um so I still haven’t written anything yet today. I have instead been doing large amounts of homework because I have the free time today and I’ve been ignoring it the past few days. I want to get to at least 9k today, although 10k would be awesome.

I am not exactly sure what I want to write today. I want it to be something long that I can write for ages and really get into while I have this time. I have a massive section happening in chapter 5 that I kind of want to skip too… but at the same time I really prefer to write chronological. I’m currently in chapter 3 which is really introducing a lot of characters that become important later on. I don’t really know them well myself so either this will go really well or really badly. I think I plan to give it a go and if it really isn’t working I’ll skip forwards.

I’m currently watching some writing vlogs and trying to get motivated to start. So yeah, that’s 3-4ks that I aim to write in the next 5 hours. It’s definitely possible with my pace of writing as long as I don’t get distracted.


Okay so today has been really unmotivating. I wanted to get to 3k today but I just scraped over the daily goal of 1667 by one word. I have been trying to plug through a scene that is really a montage of a few short scenes that don’t have a massive purpose other than introducing the characters. I know it will be a good place to include foreshadowing for later in the series once I figure out what’s going to actually happen. I think I need to step back from this scene and figure out how is best to introduce the characters in a way that will be memorable for each of them. At the moment I’ve just got a lot of disjoined description.

Tomorrow I’ll move on and hopefully it will be better. There are no quotes for today because I am kind of struggling to like anything I’ve written.


Day 5 – Sunday

Today’s goal – 8335

Total words written – 8604

Words written today – 765



I am getting a bit weighted down with all the homework I have to do. I really want to get it all out of the way so that I will have more time for nano during the week and I can just sit down when I get home from school and write all afternoon. I definitely aim to write 2k today, and I personally aimed to be up to roughly 12k by now but yesterday was really bad… and I don’t know if I am going to be able to write a heap today.  If I write just over 2k today I will reach 10k though, so I think that will be my aim for today. Hopefully it’s a good one :)


Hahah okay… yeah so not much writing actually happened. I did school work, I adapted some of this year’s nano project into a short story I needed to write for school. I am working on one scene that I want to get done before the day is over which fingers crossed should take me over the line for the daily goal. I think getting back into the school routine in the week will be good for my writing. On the weekends it is too easy to just put it off for hours.


I finished that scene, it ended up at over 700 words which is way more than I expected. I thought it would be like 400 words of randomness but I got pretty into the writing and I think I can say this scene actually fulfills the purpose it was meant to. So I count that as a success! I may not have written anywhere near as much as I planned to write over the past few days but this last hour of writing has gotten me excited to start again tomorrow!! Honestly I kind of want to keep writing now…. But I really want to sleep so I am not going to. I reached 8600 so that’s still ahead of target.


Day 6 – Monday

today’s goal – 10 002

total words written – 10 651

words written today – 2047



I was kind of worried to get into writing today after the wreck that was the weekend. I put it off for hours and got a bunch more homework done. I also got feedback on the scene I submitted as a short story and it was kind of demotivating. It was from someone who I really look up to as a person and although she said she loved the description and found it very vivid she didn’t seem to love the characters or plot much. I guess it’s understandable considering it’s just one scene from a larger story that I was trying to pass as a short story so I could do less work… but still…

I’ve written one whole scene at the moment and it was really nice and flowed pretty easily once I got into it. So I am currently at just over 1500 words for today and I reached 10k total!! I will probably write for another hour today and hopefully get to 2k. I have nothing on tomorrow morning so that’s three hours I plan to use for writing. It would be great if I could get a bit more back on track for my personal goal, which was reaching 16k by tomorrow. I know that’s definitely not going to happen, but considering I have a really exciting scene coming up it would definitely be possible for me to reach 13k (maybe 14k??) and that would put me in a really good place!!

I’m going to do a really quick update when I am done writing for today but I really want to sleep.


I reached 2k for today! It wasn’t quite as much as I wanted, but it’s only 500 words off and I am exhausted so I’m going to bed. And today considering I actually have writing I’m proud of, here are some quotes.


Quotes from Today

“Evelyn forced her mouth to curve upwards and squinted her eyes slightly. She’d read in an article somewhere that it helped smiles look more natural although she felt like that couldn’t be true, she felt like her face was making the same expression it did when she ate something far too hot in a public place and had to act like everything was okay.”

““Is it? Are you sure?” Victoria rested her chin on the heel of her hand bit her lip. Her fingers drummed along her chin.

“Yes. Blackmail is definitely illegal.””


Day 7 – Tuesday

today’s goal – 11 669

total words written – 12 706

words written today – 2055



I’ve been writing for the past two hours and I’m at 1916 for today which brings me up to 12  567 total!! I’m so proud of myself for getting back on track and using my time wisely. There was 1000 or so words that I was totally excited to be writing and it felt magical, the others were a bit more of a struggle but I still did it. I have to leave in around 45 minutes so I’ve got to go get ready but if I have time I want to get another 100 words done so I reach 2k for today. I also think that this afternoon I will try to do a bit of writing to get to at least 13k, but I mean 14k would be awesome. I also have time off tomorrow morning so I plan to do the same thing, which miiiiight even bring me up to date with my personal goal of being at 18k by the end of Wednesday. No promises, but it’s certainly possible.

I’m starting to get worried that I won’t have enough stuff in my story to reach 50k. I’ve averaged out the length of all the scenes I’ve written so far and it comes to a bit over 1k per scene, but I only have 36 scenes outlined. I haven’t finished my outline, and there’s definitely another 5 to 10 scenes in there, but that still doesn’t bring me to 50k. I just have to hope that my scenes get longer as I get more into the story. Only it’s day 7, and I’m 1/2 way through chapter 5. I think I started chapter 5 when I was at roughly 10k, so if 4 chapters is 10k for me, then that means I need 20 chapters… and I only have 14 outlined… I should probably take some time on the weekend to outline the end of my book which should be at least another 3 more chapters… I’m not really sure… ahhh………. I guess I can always start working on the sequel if I run out of things to write, but I haven’t outlined that in the slightest… I’m going to try to stop worrying about it though, I’m sure it will end up longer than I’d expect.


Okay so I only ended up writing enough to reach 2k today. I have a bunch of homework that I need to do, and I also needed some down time. But I have reached 12 706 words on this project and I have a morning tomorrow that I can use to write.


Day 8 – Wednesday

today’s goal – 13 336

total words written – 14 456

words written today – 1750



I have been writing for an hour and a half now, and I have written 1594 words today. I am going to stop here for now, although I aim to write another 700 words when I get home this afternoon to bring me up to 15k. I have noticed that the chapters from one character are WAY longer than the chapters from another character which is interesting. I’m going to have to fix that.


Day 9 – Thursday + Day 10 – Friday

I did no writing on either of these days… I knowwww. Thursday I just needed some down time so I watched a bit of TV and I was ahead of the game. But then Friday I got hid with a headache and cramps and I had work and I was just exhausted.


Day 11 – Saturday

today’s goal – 18 337

my current word count – 14 456

words behind – 3881


As I am posting this it is 10am on Saturday in Australia. Still no writing yet, but here are my plans for the day. I am going to do homework until like 1pm, and then I am going to write for the second half of the day. No excuses. I should be able to get at least 3k done, hopefully more. I just need to keep that self discipline going. And if I get bored of the scene I am writing I’ll skip forwards to one of my little gems that I really want to write.


How is nanowrimo going for you??


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    1. Thanks! I don’t post my writing anywhere but if there’s a lot of interest I might start posting little bits of it on my blog. Sorry for the late reply.


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