September Wrap Up and October TBR

Welcome back. It’s the end of the month and on the reading front I have gotten through so many books! On the other side of things (ie writing) this month has been a real roller coaster of emotions and I feel like I’ve gotten nothing done.

september wrap ups and october tbr


real life

  • My exams are over an done with (for the next few weeks at least)
  • I’m on holidays from school and finally get time to relax and write some more in depth blog posts – the only sad part is that my holidays are basically half way done and I am not ready to go back :(
  • I am up to date on my goodreads goal for the first time since January!!!
  • I went skiing and got very sunburnt which wasn’t fun.
  • I’ve had several days of horrible sleep and headaches which is the worst.


planned to read

28933383 28588345 31450960 26156203 19547856 31450852 29523636 29385546


actually read

There’s a bunch of them this month!


19547856Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda

I read this book so quickly and loved every second of it. The characters were very well developed, the plot was believable and progressed really nicely. It was a really cute and light read.

My further thoughts on Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda.

five stars


35512981Black & White

This book and I didn’t get on. I struggled to get into the plot and found the characters lacking in emotional depth. The book was more about the message than it was about entertainment and it got boring quickly.

My further thoughts on Black and White.

two stars


18243700The Assassin’s Blade

The first time I read these novellas was before I had even read Throne of Glass. I stand by my original opinion that these novellas are much more fulfilling than the actual series. Celaena actually acts like an assassin here.

five stars



This book wasn’t messing around, I could tell from the beginning that it was going to be a lot darker which I loved. The ending was amazing and had such high stakes. Buttttt the middle dragged and nearly put me in a reading slump, plus the characters aren’t that well developed and have limited emotional depth.

four stars


23308087Flame in the Mist

This book was a whole lot of meh. I grew to like the two characters who were actually developed, but there was basically no plot and the characters did nothing to take control of the situations they found themselves in. This book felt like it was setting up for a cool series but it didn’t satisfy on its own.

three stars


6574102Heist Society

I love heists, and despite this not being the most poignant novel it’s fun and enjoyable. The characters aren’t developed beyond cliches but they play off each other really well. I originally read this book three years ago and it was nice to see that it lived up to my memories of it.

five stars


10327303Uncommon Criminals

I was a bit disappointed in this book. The heist wasn’t as intense as the first one and there was an endless list of “it looks like it’s going wrong but it’s all part of the heist” moments which got old quickly. I kept waiting to be wowed and it just never happened.

three stars


28763485The Sun is Also A Star

This book was freaking amazing. It’s a new fav. It had me hooked from the very first page. The writing was just beautiful, there were so many lines that really spoke to me. I was in tears at the end. The characters were so well developed and had distinct voices. Plus there was so much diversity and it was handled so well.

five stars


29523636Dare Mighty Things

This book would have been 5 stars except for the last chapter. It took the competition aspect common in the fantasy genre and applied it to space, something I love. Only once the competition is over the tension kind of fades and some weird things start happening.

** I got an arc of this book so you can expect a review soon **

four stars


24974965The Amateurs

The plot kept me guessing and I didn’t guess the ending (because it kind of wasn’t guessable and came completely out of the blue). The characters were all pretty bland and I kept getting the mixed up. And a lot of the plot developments just didn’t make sense to me.

three stars


13326831The Testing

I stayed up all night and read this in one go, it was so good. I have read some pretty stereotypical dystopian novels but this one was interesting and original. I love watching people manipulate each other. I didn’t like the love interest at all though.

four stars


I will read

28588345 47907 31450960 26156203 31450852  29385546 17165932 18222699




  • I hate outlining
  • I have 0 plot ideas
  • I have so many characters and I really want to write but I have 0 plots and that means I can’t write
  • I am really annoyed
  • AHHHHHH help
  • I planned to write a whole first draft in these holidays and I have done nothing


what did you read this month? and what are you planning to read next month?



14 thoughts on “September Wrap Up and October TBR

  1. Hope you have a great October (yay for being done – for now, with exams, boo to headaches).

    I’ve been meaning to read Ally’s ‘Heist’ books for a loong time. I finally read the first book of her new series a while back and did enjoy it. Also, glad to see Nicola’s book on the list! That’s one I’m anxious to discover, too.

    Happy October TBR-ing – and thanks for visiting Finding Wonderland.


    1. Thanks! I hope you have a good October too. I wanted to read the Heist books now rather than later because I feel like I’m growing out of the age where I can enjoy them.

      Nicola Yoon’s book was a total impulse buy, my bookstore didn’t have Warcross yet but I really wanted to get something and I’d seen a few review on it. I am so glad I picked it up because I really enjoyed it, hopefully you will too.


    1. Glad to hear I’m not alone! I’m hoping that it will get easier (at least by a bit) once I have actually finished a few projects and have a bit of faith in myself and my process. But right now it’s really irritating. Hopefully your writing goes better! Feel free to send me a message on twitter if you want to chat about the struggles.


  2. Congrats on being done with your exams, for now. Those are some phenomenal reads you accomplished! I bought Simon vs. The Homo Sapien Agenda when it was on sale on the kindle. I definitely need to get around to it soon.


  3. Ahhhhhh your TBR list looks soooo good, I’m dead keen to read Song of the Current and some Marie Luv! I’m absolutely the same this month with writing *cries*, keeping up my blog is the most I’ve managed to do, and not a single word on any of my other projects!


    1. Ahh thanks!! I am really excited to read them. It sucks that you have also been struggling with writing but maybe things will change in this new month. Good luck!


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