Ten Book Recommendations for Slytherins

This is the first week Top Ten Tuesday is back!!

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and The Bookish. This week I am going to be giving 10 book recommendations for Slytherins. I am a Slytherin and I always find it really interesting to read Harry Potter recommendations.

Unfortunately there are a few typical Slytherin recommendations, e.g. Six of Crows. I am going to try to give some more unconventional recommendations. The majority of the books I’ve chosen have characters with their own goals who are ambitious and often morally grey.

top ten book recommendations

Poison Study

If you haven’t read this series then what are you waiting for?? It’s perfect for Slytherins because everyone has their own agenda and the whole world is against our main character Yelena.

This story features

  • Military people
  • Training with swords
  • Assassination attempts
  • Rebellion
  • Magic
  • Many choices, all of which are bad

Plus Valek, the chief of security, he is totally a Slytherin. He is so good at being sneaky and always has back up plans.

Check out Poison Study by Maria V Snyder on goodreads

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Code Name Verity

This is such a Slytherin book and I am totally convinced of it. Verity is amazingly clever and resourceful which are such Slytherin traits. If you have read this book…. just wow I did not see the end coming.

This book’s about

  • Female friendship
  • WW2
  • Loyalty
  • Doing your best with what you have
  • The struggle to survive

This book was not afraid to tackle the hard things, and it’s just so clever. Every second I was making more connections and my ideas about what was going on were twisted around so many times

Check out Code Name Verity by Elizabeth Wein on goodreads

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The Rain

This book is one of the ones on this list that I am less sure about. It’s an amazing book and the plot/world feels very Slytherin just because of how harsh/realistic/kind of scarily possible it is.

This book got me thinking, it made me wary of everything. I love apocalypse style novels because they really bring out the bad parts of human nature and how far people will really go when it comes down to life or death situations.

This book’s about

  • A post apocalyptic world
  • Water that is contaminated with tiny bacteria that kill you
  • The struggle to survive
  • Confusion and despair
  • High levels of sarcasm

Also the main character Ruby’s voice I think is kind of Slytherin. It’s been a while since I read this book so I might be remembering it wrong but I think she was very resourceful and didn’t crumble in the face of tragedy and disaster. She was also incredibly sassy and sarcastic and didn’t put up with anything from anyone.

Check out The Rain by Virginia Bergin on goodreads

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Red Rising

I feel like this book is kind of typical or expected for Slytherins, but I had to mention it anyway because I love this trilogy. It’s about

  • A fight for freedom
  • Backstabbery
  • Clever plans
  • Taking down the empire
  • Characters who will stop at nothing to get what they want
  • A class system based on birth ‘colour’
  • People who are bad but on the ‘good’ side
  • People who are good but on the ‘bad’ side

The only way this series could be more Slytherin is if there was no ‘right’ side but in this book there kind of is.

I love all the sneakiness in this book. all the clever plans and tight situations that the characters get out of. There is no room in this book for friendliness, it is all back stabbing all the time, and I loved it.

Check out Red Rising by Pierce Brown on goodreads.

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I remember reading a blog post where Susan Dennard said that she aimed to make this a series where none of the characters was in the wrong, which sounds super slytherin to me.

It’s about

  • Some really cool magic that helps you read the room / track people down
  • Politics
  • Drama and chase scenes
  • Some great action
  • Not knowing who to trust

This book has multiple characters all with their own aims and intentions that cross over and cut each other off and I loved reading that.

Check out Truthwitch by Susan Dennard on goodreads.

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This book is one I really don’t hear talked about all that much which is super sad because I really enjoyed it. The characters make smart decisions, and as a Slytherin I pride myself on being able to make rational and well though out decisions so I like to think that this book is linked to my house. It’s about

  • A futuristic world
  • Cloning
  • Secret plots
  • Rich people with secrets
  • A really complicated ‘engagement’
  • A gay couple who are amazing

I haven’t actually finished this trilogy, but the second book was even better than the first. The main characters knew what was going on but the rest of society refused to believe them just so that the social norms would be maintained. And us Slytherins aren’t afraid to mess with balance to reveal the truth.

Check out Replica by Jenna Black on goodreads.

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This super powers in this book are really interesting and a lot of them have to do with other people and manipulating them subtly (or more obviously) into doing what you want. The best parts are

  • Super powers – really unique ones
  • A bunch of diverse characters with interesting stories
  • A driving plot
  • Ambition
  • The characters had disagreements from previous interactions which almost never happens which I loved

Check out Zeroes by Scott Westerfeld on goodreads.

O9VUSY0 (6).jpg

The Final Empire

This is such a Slytherin book, it’s kind of like Six of Crows?? In some ways at least. And everyone always recommends that book to Slytherins so I am recommending this one which features

  • Heists
  • Cool magic powers
  • Rebellions to overthrow corruption
  • Secret plots
  • A super nerdy guy who is super adorable
  • People questioning their loyalty and values
  • An awesome heroine

Basically none of the characters tell each other what is really going on and there are so many secrets.

Check out The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson on goodreads.

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The main character in this book is definitely a Slytherin. She is resourceful, sarcastic, and cares about her own opinions far more than any one else’s. It includes

  • An underwater city
  • Some really cool and slightly illegal betting
  • A romance that I find absolutely adorable
  • Hidden truths

I actually love this story. So much is packed into this moderately sized book and really liked the story.

Check out Atlantia by Allie Condie on goodreads.

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Heist Society

I haven’t read this book for a while but I remember loving it. There were so many great aspects

  • The heist was brillient
  • The characters were clever and resourceful and sneaky and so talented
  • Hale was my favorite
  • The humor was the best, it was so snarky and great

In case you haven’t noticed I associate heists with Slytherins. Probably because if they were in a tough situation the other signs are less likely to turn to a heist for money.

Check out Heist Society by Ally Carter on goodreads.

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What books would you recommend to Slytherins?

41 thoughts on “Ten Book Recommendations for Slytherins

  1. This is so great! I haven’t read most of these books but as I just found out from most of the tests online, I’m a slytherin and I’m proud of it! :) Thanks for the recommendations!


  2. I remember when Atlantia came out and I loved the idea of the underwater city, but I never did read it. I should check that out. And Replica sounds good- I thought for a minute it was the Lauren Oliver Replica (oops) but the Jenna Black one sounds good too! Truthwitch is another one I love the sound of.



  3. I have a bunch of these on my TBR. The Rain is a good pic, I know lots of people didn’t like it because the main character was a bit self-serving but I think it makes it realistic!


  4. Snap! I did the same topic this week. :) We didn’t overlap on any of our choices though, which goes to show how many awesome Slytherin books there are. Although, if I’d remebered, I’d have included Valek from Poison Study too.

    My TTT for this week.


      1. Ooh I didn’t know that there was a hufflepuff version, thanks for letting me know. I’ll have to go check it out!

        Code Name Verity was really good and I would 100% recommend it!


  5. I’m not a fan of The Rain, but I definitely agree that Ruby sounds like a Slytherin! I think Red Rising is like the Slytherins vs the Gryffindors, but with mixed sides – all of the characters are so multi-faceted that it’s hard to put them into just one house.
    Great list!

    I recommended books for reluctant readers. If you’re interested, you can read my post here.


  6. Haha LOVE THIS. I also did this one for my Top 10 Tuesday, which isn’t scheduled to post for another 15 minutes (or hour 15?). WE PICKED NONE OF THE SAME BOOKS. Which is excellent. I also haven’t read most of these, sooooo TBR just grew. XD


    1. YAY! It’s so cool the amount of people doing this topic. There’s also Louise over at Foxes and Fairytales if you want to check her out. Glad I could help grow your tbr haha.

      Liked by 1 person

  7. I haven’t read any of these books but I do love morally grey characters, even though I’m a Hufflepuff. I have had my eye on Red Rising for a long time so I may have to pick up a copy of it soon 🙂


  8. I am not a Slytherin, but I decided to read this post anyway. I have read Code Name Verity, and I enjoyed it. I think that Julie is a Slytherin, but I think Maddie might be a Hufflepuff. I haven’t read any of the other books on this list, but they do sound Slytherinish. :) This was a fun post!
    Maybe Crime and Punishment would be considered a Slytherin book?


    1. Yeah I think you’re right that Maddie would be a Hufflepuff. I haven’t read Crime and Punishment but even going off the title it sounds like a Slytherin sort of book!

      Liked by 1 person

  9. I’ve heard great things about Poison Study, Replica and The Final Empire, and all are on my TBR, but I haven’t read any on this list! From what I know, I can see how Poison Study would be a book for Slytherins! Great list!


  10. YES. These books are absolutely perfect for Slytherins, especially Code Name Verity and Poison Society. Thanks for sharing and, as always, fabulous post & choices! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  11. This is such a cool idea! I love books where it’s more about “The Bad Guy” and I haven’t read enough of them… I’ve been meaning to read Poison Study for so long! Have you read Grave Mercy? I love that book and it’s sort of slytherinish….


    1. Exactly! It makes the book just a bit more unpredictable. I haven’t read Grave Mercy yet but I definitely will soon, it sounds really interesting.


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