The Reader’s Schedule

This is going to be a slightly unconventional post. I have a lot of homework and exams at the moment so I thought it would be interesting to take a look at when/how much I read.


My Ideal Reading Schedule

wake up

read in bed

get a mug of coffee/tea/hot chocolate

read some more

read while eating breakfast

read outside

read while having lunch

read in the bath

read with my dog on my lap

read while having dinner

read n front of the fireplace

read while curled up in bed

go to sleep


My Actual Reading Schedule

wake up

read in bed

read while eating breakfast

read at the bus stop

read on the train

read between classes

read while eating an afternoon snack

**hours of non reading related things**

read while lying in bed



what’s your ideal reading schedule? how is it different to your real one?

2 thoughts on “The Reader’s Schedule

  1. Oh my gosh, when I read the first schedule I somehow didn’t see the word “Ideal” and I was like, “THAT GIRL IS LIVING THE DREAM, HOW DO I MAKE THAT MY SCHEDULE?!” Then I was like “Oh.. jk” But seriously, I am so ready for the summer heat to go away and for it to be all things Fall and Winter.


    1. AHh wow, if that could be my schedule I would be shouting from the rooftops. The summer heat can make reading quite annoying, I am looking forward to it being a nice even temperature so I can sit outside without dying.

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