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I was tagged by Ivy and Em from Two Girls, Two Mountains to do the book blogger test. I’m trying not to do as many tags right now just so I can focus on actually posting reviews  but this was something I just had to do. Thanks for tagging me girls <3.


The Rules:

1. Thank the person who nominated you and add a link to their blog
2. Answer the ten questions asked on this post
3. Nominate at least five people to do it also
4. Let your nominees know you nominated them


Top 3 Book Pet Hates


When books have the potential to be great – e.g. awesome premise or really cool world building, but then don’t have good enough character or plot development.

Unfortunately this seems to happen to me a lot with dystopian novels. They always just fall flat for me due to super bland plots.


When book covers don’t match up across a series, especially in terms of height which always happens to me. It makes me so annoyed.


When there is a major plot point that happens that changes everything, but it’s so early that you can’t not speak about it without describing the book in a completely different way. Some examples would be Red Rising and The Raven Cycle (the first book compared to the last one)ah

Perfect Reading Spot

I really love reading in cars or trains, basically just while I am travelling. Especially on long trips where I know I can just sit down and read for the next 5 hours and not feel guilty about it.


Three Book Confessions


I prefer physical books to ebooks because it means I can actually carry a book around with me everywhere and I really enjoy that because people at my school always talk to me about whichever book I am carrying.

So I guess I kind of like showing off what I’m reading?


Although I love buying books I would actually prefer to borrow books from the library so that I don’t have piles of books I felt “meh” about on my shelf.

I tend to only buy books that I REALLY loved, although recently I have been purchasing books more for the sake of it than anything else. I guess that’s one of the major impacts of this online bookish community.


I still find it incredibly difficult to DNF a book. I find myself reading though books I kind of don’t care about just to finish them. I find myself borrowing books that I know I won’t like, but I just want to finish the series.

This needs to stop.


Last Time You Cried Reading A Book

I don’t tend to cry reading many books. It takes a really good book for that to happen. I think the last book that made me cry was Blood for Blood, the sequel to Wolf by Wolf. The ending was just so emotional.


Number of Books on Your Bedside Table

Currently, one. But that’s because I have one on my desk, and an audio book and three ebooks I am currently reading on my phone. Do they count too? I’m going to say so.


Favorite Reading Snack

I don’t actually each while I read. Like I never do this. I guess I drink hot chocolate or a milkshake sometimes so I’d have to say that.

@ people who eat while reading books – how do you do it???


Three Books You’d Recommend to Anyone

So my strategy going into this is to find books that I think everyone would be able to enjoy and be able to find components that they like. Plus they are really well written books.


The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas. This book is popular for a reason. It has really well developed characters and a plot that keeps you hooked.


The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer. A sci-fi/fantastical twist on well known fairy tales? Sign me up. But the thing that sets this series apart is really it’s characters. You can’t help but love them. Check out my review of the first book, Cinder. I also have reviews of Scarlet, Cress and Winter if you’re interested.


Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card. I don’t care if you don’t enjoy sci-fi, this book is written in a way that you will find yourself hooked. I love sci-fi so I might be a bit biased, but I would definitely say this is a book everyone should read at least once.


A Picture of Your Bookshelf



How Much Do Books Mean To You?

In Three Words…

My entire universe. Everything can come back to books.


Biggest Reading Secret

Sometimes I can’t be bothered to explain that I haven’t read a book but I have seen/read so many reviews on it that I feel like I have so I just pretend I have read the book.


I Tag…

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