Mini Reviews for Sci-Fi Sequels

This is my second mini review post in the past few weeks and there will probably be one more as I try to catch back up to having reviewed all the books I’ve read.

This post will cover the second two books in the Starbound trilogy by Amie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner along with the conclusion to the Endgame trilogy by James Frey.

Beware that there will be spoilers in these segments for the previous books in the series.


This Shattered World

I listened to the audiobook of This Shattered World by Amie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner and I really enjoyed the narration. The world building was very strong and it was a really interesting book to get into. Also if you’re interested you can check out my review of These Broken Stars.


I didn’t really connect with these two characters or their stories. I have a soft spot for survival stories so I liked the first book in the series, and I also love hackers which I know are in the third book, however this plot didn’t really interest me.



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  • I love the English covers for this series and although it didn’t have the same effect as the cover for These Broken Stars with Jubilee not wearing a dress I like how they didn’t just put her in a dress for the sake of it
  • The second cover there is the German cover and I think as far as covers with models go this is a really good one. I like the font and the stars overlayed on the image



  • I didn’t go into this book expecting to like it but I liked it more than I expected
  • I was sucked into the plot eventually and then I was COMPLETELY sucked in
  • There were so many plot twists and the story kept going far beyond where I thought it would stop
  • Both the characters were so well developed and I found myself really liking them
  • I enjoyed the appearances of recurring characters from the previous book and the forshadowing of characters for the last book




Their Fractured Light

I also listened to the audiobook of Their Fractured Night by Amie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner and I really enjoyed it.



First Thoughts

35% – I really like Gideon’s parts, but something about Sophie’s voice is just really annoying. I really like the dynamic between the characters although I am looking forward to having the other characters back and seeing how they all interact.

57% – Things are heating up and I don’t know how to cope with this book. Things always happen that I think must be the climax but then it just gets bigger. I am definitely looking forward to the final battle, and I am loving all the characters meeting

90% – This trilogy turned out to be so much more intense that I expected. The character development has been very good and I love the sci-fi elements

I really enjoyed this book. I think out of all the romances, this was my favorite. I really enjoyed the survival aspect to book one and the characters of book two but the dynamic between Sofia and Gideon was just great. They were so comfortable with each other and it was just really cute. I was worried there wouldn’t be enough development for them because this book was short and had to tie together the whole rest of the series, and although I still feel like it would have been possible do have the first half of this book as it’s own book and the second half where all the characters meet as a different book this did work well.

As far as endings go this book also did really well, everything felt tied up and there were a series of events that I thought might be the big ending that turned out to be surpassed by another event later in the book. I listened to the audiobook and found the narration really good too. It was annoying that a lot of the conflict in this book was caused by a misunderstanding, which got me quite annoyed. However I was very emotionally invested in the characters so I didn’t mind much.

I liked that we got to return to the stories of the other characters and see how they got on, and I liked how Sofia and Gideon linked so well into the lives of the other characters and I liked the concept of exploring other life forms. However it did get a bit confusing with all the different “whispers” out there, because there was no way to differentiate between which incident they were referring back to. I also liked how there were similar aspects to the previous two stories in the second half of this one with elements of survival and fighting that catered to the strengths of our other characters, however I would have liked to see more of Gideon’s hacking and Sofia’s people skills. I don’t feel like they were used enough.



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  • I absolutely love the English edition, Sofia’s dress is beautiful and really appreciate the attention to detail considering it actually resembles the dress she wears in part of the novel
  • The German cover is also really beautiful, not necessarily how I imagined the characters but still pretty


Further Thoughts

  • Sophie and Gideon
    • They were were really well developed in the first half of the book
    • In the second half they took a backseat because all the other characters turned up again
    • Because they were so well developed it wasn’t too bad…
    • The conflict between them was so stupid yet it still had me on the edge of my seat
    • I really just wanted more of them and their skills
    • I couldn’t take Gideon seriously because I just kept thinking of Gideon from Gravity Falls

Image result for lil gideon gif Related image

  • It kind of felt like two separate books
  • There was so much going on!! Which was awesome but also a bit confusing at times
  • The ending was massive and everything I wanted
  • I liked the exploration of human nature and the meta moments
  • The sci-fi elements were awesome




Rules of the Game

Rules of the Game by James Frey wasn’t really a book I enjoyed. I only read the first book in the series on recommendation from a friend who loved it but I rated it three stars and didn’t even post a review on my blog about it…


Out of curiosity and the inability to not finish a series I picked up the second book in the series and I enjoyed it much more, so when I saw the third and final book in my library I figured why not get it off my TBR.


First Thoughts

I’m sorry but just no, this book did not work for me. The elements I liked in the previous two books in the series, namely the character developments and interesting plot were completely gone. This book tried to introduce a bunch of new characters and failed to develop them past caricatures. I felt no connection to the long list of people who were introduced and quickly killed off. I also feel like far too many characters died in this book. I am not happy about that. And the deaths weren’t even satisfactory ones?? So many people just got shot down by a sniper from a distance without the chance to fight back and now woops they’re dead I guess that’s the end.

The pacing was so slow in this book, and the ending was completely unsatisfying. I was on the fence about the whole series but this book just took a turn for the worse. The existing characters relied on their old motivations and failed to grow any more as individuals. There were whole plot threads not wrapped up at all. Even the final fight scene had limited conflict, what was this whole book building up to? Plus the thing I was most interested in, the alien’s aims and intentions, were never explained?? I just want to know why they did it. This whole book felt quite rushed.


Further Thoughts

  • The ending was so unsatisfying
  • The world building was VERY lacking and so many things were never explained
  • I didn’t like who was killed off and who was left alive
  • The deaths that happened felt unsatisfying
  • Our characters survived endless fights and near death experiences only to be shot down by long range snipers????????
  • Seriously, if someone has read this book let me know because it can’t just be me
  • There was really no climax to this book
  • I was left confused and not interested




Have you read any of these books? What did you think of them?

3 thoughts on “Mini Reviews for Sci-Fi Sequels

  1. I’ve read These Broken Stars, but I thought the character relationship dynamics were really weak and I was really bugged by the scientific inaccuracies. Great reviews!


    1. The dynamic between the characters in These Broken Stars was probably a lot worse than the ones in the later books. I agree that the scientific inaccuracies were a bit annoying.


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