Mid Camp Nanowrimo Check In

We’re half way through the month, how crazy is that? The days have just flown by, but now seems like an appropriate time to check in with my camp nanowrimo goals and plans to see whether I have actually stuck to them. Hopefully by sharing this information with you all I will feel more motivated to keep going. I’d love to hear how camp nanowrimo is going for all of you so let me know down in the comments.


My goal – 2000 minutes

How am I going with that? Well let’s just take a look at the graph


I was going strong for the first three days of the month, (at least that’s something) but then I kind of dropped off for a while. I am going to try to catch up, but we’ll see how that goes. Wish me luck.


What exactly have I been working on?

Well I have done a bit more figuring out of my plot and shuffling around scenes. I still have a massive gap between my first few scenes and my final few scenes that I need to somehow get between, but I think I have a few more ideas of how.

I have also read over some scenes I wrote earlier, specifically the two rewrites of my first chapter. This was kind of scary, and I am so glad that the first one I read turned out to be pretty good, obviously it was very messy but there were a lot of lines in there that could be used and overall I liked the style of the writing. The second one was very disappointing (to say the least). While writing it I had felt great, I could visualize the scene very easily and the words were flowing from my fingers. Rereading that scene has been another story altogether, in terms of actual prose and style I hate it. I don’t know what it is, but I can’t stand the way that it is written. I think it’s either that I tried to make the setting too modern, because as I have now discovered my world is not parallel to the industrial revolution but instead it’s parallel to a few hundred years before that; however it might also be that the writing was too focused on describing the setting because that was what I could see clearly in my mind as opposed to the character’s emotions and inner dialogue. Or alternatively I could have just been in a more judgmental mood that day, who knows.

I have primarily worked on character building since that disaster of a reread. I know my main character very well, but I recently introduced a few of new characters and added a second POV character so I need to spend a bit more time figuring out who they are and what role they will have in the story. They were in the novel before as unnamed/small parts but now I need to actually get to know them. Plus I just think it would be useful to have a bit more knowledge of the personalities and characteristics of my main character’s family and close friends before I go back into rewriting.


Aims for the rest of the month?

I do plan to finish my character building this month, that would be an awesome goal to achieve. I have seventeen characters and at this point I have worked on around five* of them. I would also love to move on to world building, I have a bunch of world building questions to work through and I feel like understanding my world better would be really helpful in knowing what is going on a bit better.

I feel like in order to get back to writing I need to have a better idea of the plot, but in order to have a clearer plot I need to write and see where it takes me, so it seems like the only solution is to do an outline. I don’t know whether I will do a full outline or just have some dot point lists of certain plot threads and scenes that need to happen to progress that plot thread. I guess we’ll see. I don’t plan on doing much actual writing this month.


What’s keeping me motivated?

For one thing, seeing all the writing sprints happening on twitter is keeping me super pumped. I haven’t actually participated in any of them considering that I am not focusing on writing new words, but I still find them very motivating.

I have a writing playlist that I have been slowly adding to, and it is very fun to listen to. I am considering making it public if any of you would be interested in listening, let me know. I have also accumulated rather a large pinterest board for my current writing project over the last year, and looking at the photos on there is majorly inspiring to me.

(I just figured out how to insert my pinterest boards and I am so proud of myself)

Usually during nanowrimo events I do a lot of video calling with some writing buddies of mine however one of them has recently moved to another country and due to the large time zone difference we haven’t really been able to chat, I don’t even know if she is doing camp nanowrimo this month. *I do aim to reach out to my other writing buddies to see how they are going, so I should probably do that soon. I find writing buddies really motivating as they keep me focused on writing and give me someone to talk to about my project which I find very motivating.



Usually camp nanowrimo is a highly stressful time for me, either as I struggle to catch up to my world count goal or as I frantically try to figure out what direction my story is going in. I have only won camp nanowrimo once despite having participated numerous times, but I did win nanowrimo the one time I participated.

However this time around, I have a lot less stress. I am pretty sure I can easily make my goal. I feel like it’s going to well for me, and I think taking this time to work on character building / plotting / world building was a good idea, you reach a point where you can’t just keep hitting your head against a brick wall writing with no clue where you are going. Plus with the amount of school work I have at the moment I don’t think I would be able to cope with putting that much pressure on myself too.


How is your camp nanowrimo going? Let me know down below

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