Camp Nanowrimo July

Well it’s been nearly a whole week since I last posted and considering I have read nothing but school books recently and am really busy I don’t see that changing in the next week or so. I did however want to do a quick post to let you all know that I am participating in camp nanowrimo in July.


For those of you who haven’t heard of Camp Nanowrimo before, it’s a month long event for writers, some writers are against it because it encourages you to write large amounts in short time frames which can make what you do write bad quality. However different things work for different people so I would recommend trying it if you are interested in writing.

I actually failed camp nanowrimo in April, I didn’t get even close to my goal. However they have just introduced the ability to track your writing by minutes worked instead of words which for me personally would work better. I aim to spend a while working on plotting or world building, and also editing. There isn’t a lot of this story that I have to work on purely that will be new words, thus tracking my words would be difficult.

Are you doing camp nanowrimo in July? And are you looking for a cabin to join because I might just have room in mine.


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