Beautiful People – Parental Figures

Beautiful people is a writing meme cohosted by Cait from Paper Fury and Sky from Further Up and Further In that is designed to help you get to know your characters better and share about your writing projects. I thought it would be fun to participate in this considering I am trying to share more about my writing with you guys and my main character’s parents play a large role in the story. This meme is for the whole of May so there’s still heaps of time for you to join in if you’re interested.



Overall, how good is their relationship with their parents?

My main character Eyla has a good relationship with her parents. She lives with them and they do try to help her with the problems she faces throughout the story.


Do they know both their biological parents? If not, how do they cope with this loss/absence and how has it affected their life?

So my main character knows her biological parents, however my other POV character Zak doesn’t know his parents which has left him with quite negative views about the world. He is very loyal to the small group of people he lives with but apart from that he believes everyone is against him. Considering that he never knew them, Zak grew up on the streets which has made him wary of the world and very clever, he had to be or else he wouldn’t have survived.


How did their parents meet?

Hmmmm this is actually something I haven’t considered. Eyla’s parents are both part of a secret magical society, so I’m guessing that they met through it when they were reasonably young and feelings just developed from there.


How would they feel if they were told “you’re turning out like your parent(s)”?

I think Eyla would like that. She is very similar to her mother and would definitely take it as a compliment. I think she wishes she was a bit more like her father because he is a very relaxed person and she most definitely isn’t.


What were your character’s parents doing when they were your character’s age?

Probably not getting into quite as much trouble. Her parents own a bakery now, so maybe they cooked together or ate out around the city. The world is becoming more industrialized in my novel so when her parents were young they were probably really excited by all the new technology that was being developed that is now taken for granted.


Is there something they adamantly disagree on?

Probably a lot of things, her mother is very opinionated so it’s likely there have been lots of small disagreements. I think that parenting styles would be something they have different approaches to. Eyla has three siblings so they have a big family, and so the different approaches work well with different people and situations. Her mother is much more likely to jump to conclusions and try to figure out what secrets the kids are keeping whereas her father is more likely to wait for the kids to come to him.

Life direction is also something I think they disagree on. Her mother has a very large family/social group in the area they live and despite their business profitability declining she thinks they can survive, where as Eyla’s father wants to move out of the country and try their luck elsewhere. This has definitely been discussed but her father is just waiting for her mother to agree that he was right which might not happen for a long time but it will happen eventually.


What did the parent(s) find hardest about raising your character?

Well Eyla has a sister five years older than her, a brother three years older than her and a twin brother who is just a few hours younger than her so that’s a struggle in itself. Her parents thought they were ready but they really weren’t. Her older siblings are very flexible and gentle souls despite having some things that challenged mentally/economically (one of her siblings is bisexual and the other has a disability). However Eyla and her twin brother are both quite forceful people, her brother is very secretive which means he doesn’t appear to be causing trouble most of the time however Eyla isn’t that subtle. She clashes with people and causes arguments and gets involved in other people’s business, all things that have made raising her difficult. I think the main challenge is that she is too driven. Eyla doesn’t take no for an answer, she isn’t patient and doesn’t want other people to help her meaning that she has gotten injured or promised things to others that her parents can’t deliver on.


What’s their most vivid memory with their parental figure(s)?

I don’t think there’s one particularly vivid memory, it’s just a combination of all the time they’ve spent together. I guess the most typical memory would be her sitting in the kitchen eating breakfast early in the morning while her parents and older siblings bake and get ready for the shop to open.


What was your character like as a baby/toddler?

Eyla was very loud and demanding. She needed to be involved in the action and see what was going on. She was very inquisitive and always asking questions.


Why and how did the parents choose your character’s name?

It is the name of her great grandmother, who was the first person on her mother’s side to travel to the country.


I hope you have found that interesting

leave your answers to the questions linked below or comment with some information about your character’s parents


4 thoughts on “Beautiful People – Parental Figures

  1. I love the way you’ve described Eyla. She’s such a natural, believable character. I laughed at this bit “Probably not getting into quite as much trouble.” Also, magic and a bakery? LOVE.


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