April Wrap Up + May TBR

I had high hopes for this month because I had my holiday, however I didn’t actually get much done. Preparing for exams at school once I go back, participating in camp nanowrimo and trying to relax all at once meant I did each thing by half. I didn’t get as much blogging/writing/reading done as I had hoped, but at least I did something. I know it isn’t quite the end of the month yet, but this is just the best time for this post and I doubt I will get too much more done.

For the future, well my exams are coming up in a couple of weeks so I am going to try to get a lot of posts written before then do I don’t need to worry about it but we all know how I am with writing posts in advance. I am hoping to get up some book reviews for books I have read in the past little while so be on the look out for those.

Also note, you can click on any of the covers to go to that book’s goodreads page.


Books I Planned to Read

27883214 16068905 17378508 29056083  18043253 17907041 25907472 13138734 13138736 15195 210697 11713 8175847 7763 261601 343880


Books I Actually Read

16068905  25907472  31116030  13138734

four-stars four-stars five-stars three-stars

So no school books… woops. And I also read LESS books than I usually do? Even though I had more free time? That always seems to happen to me in the holidays. I fully intend to do reviews for most of these books, I just haven’t gotten around to it yet.

Books I am Currently Reading

18043253 27883214

  • Code Name Verity is a library book that is meant to be returned very soon, I am nearly done with it but the sequel is also due at the same time so I have to read fast
  • Caraval I aimed to read in the holiday because I didn’t want to be carrying a hardcover around with me so I am around 50 pages in, but I didn’t get much further.


TBR for June

(very much the same as above)

18043253 17907041 27883214 13138736 31178738

11713 8175847 7763 261601 343880

Looks like I’m in for a month of school books… the whole last row. Apart from that I plan to finish the books I am currently reading and those due back at the library. And I’ve added Their Fractured Light because I usually listen to audio books during my exams for some reason. Plus The Pearl Thief is coming out this month, and as much as I would love to read it that really depends on whether I can find it. I doubt I will get further than this as much as I want to.


Camp Nanowrimo Results

Haha okay so this didn’t go so well. I lost inspiration part way through the month as to where my story was going. I plan to work on meshing towards the multiple different drafts I have, and for camp July I will probably have a minute goal instead of a word count one.

I ended up with a grand total of: 26 073 words which is still better than nothing. The scenes I got completed were good and have motivated me to try to keep writing throughout the school term if possible.


What books did you read in April? And how did Camp Nano go if you participated


14 thoughts on “April Wrap Up + May TBR

  1. Aw, too bad you didn’t do so well with Camp NaNo! Well, you still have time to reach that WCG if you need/want. ;) And I need to read Caraval! As well as millions of other books. Fangirl and Wolf by Wolf are also kinda sorta on my TBR. And I won Camp NaNo, actually! Which really surprised me, since I won a week early. :)


    1. Ahh congrats on wining camp nanowrimo! I could win… maybe… if I could write like 10k today and 10k tomorrow but I don’t really want to push myself that hard. I have exams to deal with too haha.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Some great books! I loved Fangirl, Wolf by Wolf and Blood for Blood, I need to start the Starbound trilogy! Code Name verity is on my TBR I can’t wait to hear what you though of it! And OMG enjoy Caraval, it’s one of my favourite reads of this year, I loved it! I read 11 books this month, if I finish Three Dark Crowns it’ll be 12. My wrap up will be up tomorrow :)


      1. It is but thankfully I don’t have exams anymore. Back when I was in school, I didn’t read a single book in my last years, it was absolute chaos! So even reading one book during exams is amazing!


  3. I only managed to read 5 books this April – which was…okay? I read Replica by Lauren Oliver which was…different. I FINALLY read Divergent which I SURPRISING LOVED? Like I thought I hated Dystopia but HEY THIS WAS AWESOME. I’m looking forward to reading Carval, I think? But I’ve heard a lot of mixed reviews so I don’t know. That’s sad you didn’t win Camp Nano, but I didn’t even do it, so hey, you did a good job with what you did so far!


  4. I always find that when you have more time you end up actually doing less. Cause you’re more relaxed with it and get distracted easier! I read Geekerella this month which had a similar vibe to Fangirl! 😊


  5. I really loved Wolf by Wolf but I haven’t picked up the last book yet great to know you loved it XD I have This Shattered World sitting on my TBR shelf I will *hopefully* get to it this month. You did awesome on your camp Nano! I didn’t join in this time but plan on writing a heap this month anyhow. Great wrap up <3


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