Camp Nanowrimo Update

Hahaha let’s just say this will be a very short post. I haven’t really done much writing. I do reflect on what I plan to do next at the end though so that might be helpful for you.


Day 15

Words written: 1041

Total: 23 015

Emotional State: Screaming

I have 0 motivation and I am already so behind. It’s not looking good for me and that makes me so unmotivated. I have so much school stuff I need to do.


Days 16 – 20

0 writing happened. I feel bad about it, but I did school work and I was very unmotivated. I dropped my goal down to 40k from 50k.


Day 21

Words written: 1440

Total: 24 455

Emotional state: content

Writing today felt so good. And I actually meant to do more but I got busy with school stuff again. I do aim to write at least 1.5k a day, making my total over 40k. I think I have my motivation back so I am looking forward to getting back into this.

camp nanowrimo week 1 update  and what went wrong.png

So What Now?

I mean I’ve basically failed me goal…. right? Well I’d like to say that any time spent writing is well worth it. And when you’re busy you have to take what you get. I can’t say that I wish I’d written more, and I totally could have if I pushed myself harder but too late for that now.


What I’ve Learnt

I like tracking how many minutes I write for. I think for the next camp I might track it by minutes because I have so much world building stuff and editing stuff I would be doing if it was measured by time that still count as working on my novel but can’t be seen from the word count.

It was also reinforced in my mind that I’m not good at writing a lot in short periods of time. I run out of things to write and it all just ends up bland and not that useful.

The normal structure of writing isn’t working for me. I’m not going to keep pushing myself to finish the first draft before piecing all the different drafts together because it’s getting confusing. I keep writing the first part of the story then not getting to the end.


What I’ve Accomplished

I’ve mapped out character relationships, setting up for some possible romantic tension, as well as deciding which characters would already be in relationships at the beginning of the book. Writing the scene where they are together and being cute is one of the things that’s keeping me writing.

Started writing in my other main character’s POV and found out a lot about his story.

Done a lot of brain storming about where the book is headed.

Found out I may not have two or three books on my hands… It may be more like five… woops. Less stuff fits in one book than I expected. But hey, we’ll just see how it goes.


My Plans

For the rest of the month I aim to keep writing a good amount each day (1.5-2k) and make it past 40k, maybe past 45k. But if I get to past 45k I might just have to push myself and write a lot in one day so I can still reach 50k. It will depend on my school work.

In May and June I will be busy with exams but I do still plan to write. It would be nice to write 50k over the two months although that might not happen. And considering I will be editing scenes together it won’t be measured in words. I guess I just want to be able to say that I’ve worked on my novel for a few hours a week.


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