My Top 10 Camp NaNoWriMo/NaNoWriMo Tips

Hey everyone, I hope you have had a great start to April Camp NaNoWriMo. After doing nanowrimo/camp nanowrimo three times now, I have learnt a fair few lessons about how to do it and I would love to share these lessons with you + a bit on how april is going for me so far!


1: Know your story.

This made sound simple for those who like to plan and a nightmare for those who like to pants but this is what you have to do. I’m not saying you have to know it inside and out, or even know your story before nano/camp nano. But you have to know on the first day where your story is going to end. This is due to the fact that the point of your narrative is to get your characters from point a –b and if you don’t know where point b is, its like driving with a blindfold on. Yup.


2: Use platforms like 8tracks or Pinterest for inspiration.

I personally love these spaces on the internet. Before nano I will usually make a massive pinterest board for my story and have only recently started getting into eight tracks by listening to others nanowrimo playlists for their stories ahah. Currently one I find gives me a lot of inspiration is one by a booktuber called Rileymarie, I think it is called something like “Banquet of consequences”

This is my Pinterest:

When I need inspiration for a story or want to get in the mood for a current story, I use these tools for inspiration.


3: Keep a notebook, bullet journal or file for your story.

Keep these on hand during nanowrimo so when you have any sort of ideas or want to write/type something up that isn’t your actual story you have something there.  I love looking through these again and it really helps me to remember scenes and other things.


4: Participate in things such as nanowordsprints and use tools such as write or die or mywriteclub. 

I find the platform so helpful when I simply do not want to write. These help to keep you motivated while writing so you wont want to stop


5: Do the Math

Of course to win you need 1667 words per day. But if your word count per day is not consistent, like practically everyone due to life, you don’t want to accidentally fall behind. Make sure to also continue logging your word count into the site


6: Silence your inner editor

DO NOT EDIT. Do you actually think you have time for that?? No, November is for writing and all the months after that is for editing your usually terrible excuse for a story J


7: Hold yourself accountable

You can do this in different ways. The first way is making a friend or family member make sure you are getting the words on the page or talking about it on social media and have to give updates on your progress. If you haven’t done something then your going to have a hard time telling the platform or you friend or family member.


8: Use rewards.

I seriously do not know what is more motivating then getting a handful of crispy MnMs for writing 1000 words J


9: Write more words when you have the energy

When you are really into your writing and getting really excited, do you think you should stop in the middle of your writing just because you are now up to date? No, keep going if your feeling it, I promise you wont have the feeling often ahah. It just helps put some extra words down so when you are not feeling it, you have a little lifesaver in the form of the extra words you wrote two weeks ago. But side note: write anyway even if you aren’t feeling it ahaha.


10: This is definitely my most important tip of all… Get writing buddies and participate in the community!

Writing buddies motivate you and hold you accountable when you need to write. You can do writing sprints with them and even do write ins. It helps you with your writing but also helps you to meet people who have the same interests and hobby as you. I strongly suggest assembling cabins during camps. After all meeting Emma from a cabin is now the reason I am on this blog!

So those are my top tips for nanowrimo! Currently I am behind, due to a lot of things but I need about 4000 words to catch up. This is due to the fact i cut so much out because I was stressed about where i started ahah. I have no doubt in my mind that I will do it, because I cannot not win ahahaha. So far my story is doing ok but as I said I need to keep going and keep writing!


If you want to check out my nanowrimo, here it is:

And my camp nanowrimo:

Finally our blog has a bookstagram, go check it out! @readingthroughthenight_

Are you doing Camp NaNoWrimo? Did you find these tips helpful? Do you have any other tips? Leave them in the comments below

5 thoughts on “My Top 10 Camp NaNoWriMo/NaNoWriMo Tips

  1. All excellent points. I find that telling my family, “ok people, I will be writing from ____ to ____ today,” really helps me sit down and actually do it. Because nothing hurts like spending your writing time on Pinterest and THEN telling your mom that when she asks how many words you got done today. #I’mDead
    Also, although this might not be the nicest way, I find myself getting really competitive with my cabin mates. None of them are competitive except for my little brother, who’s writing completely differently than I am and so can’t be competed with, but it really keeps me going if I have 10k and the next highest is only at 6k.

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