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I’m finally up to the review for Winter by Marissa Meyer. This post won’t contain spoilers for Winter but it WILL contain spoilers for the previous books in the series. I also have reviews up for Cinder, Scarlet and Cress so go check those out as it will probably greatly help you understand my thoughts on the series.



Winter is the EPIC conclusion to the Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer. Will our characters all live through it? Will Levana be in control at the end? Will their plan work? I’m guessing you know what this series is about if you’re reading this review. It’s the last book in the series for goodness sake.

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  • The British/American/Australian cover – I liked this one but….
  • Another British/American/Australian cover – this one is better, it actually acknowledges that Winter has dark skin. But the glow around the apple on both of them is actually so nice
  • The Indonesian cover – the skin colour in inaccurate, but I do like the font on this one, and how it also has the apple
  • The German cover – if you’ve read my other reviews then you KNOW that I don’t like the German covers, they don’t really relate to the stories much or entice me to read the story

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  • Chinese cover – the Chinese covers deserve massive credit for keeping up a theme throughout the covers, it has the apple and a moon wow – they just look magical
  • Bulgarian cover – at least it’s similar to the other ones… but it is still kind of irrelevant to the story and stereotypical with the woman’s back
  • Turkish cover – sorry for how blurry it is, but I actually really like this cover. It is quite similar to the main cover (and the skin colour is still out) but that effect around the apple is so cool

29476327  31846779

  • Russian cover – this is amazing, this is like what I Imagine Winter looks like and I actually love that dress
  • French and Czech cover – this is pretty, I like it… although the character isn’t a good representation of Winter, but I do like what she’s wearing and the pose of the cover.

Which are your favorite covers? I really like the Chinese and Russian covers. Let me know which ones you like in the comments.

There are less covers for Winter, presumably because it was only published a little while ago. However I want to do a quick summary of my favorite series covers considering we’ve reached the end of the series.

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The Australian covers (which are also the British and American covers) – these are amazing, they fit together so nicely and they represent the story amazingly. These are the versions I have and I love them.

17853376 17853379 20628320 24602631

The German Covers – as much as I dislike them they are consistent so deserve some credit.

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The Chinese covers are amazing too.The first one kind of doesn’t fit with the other three but it’s still a better set than some of them out there which are all over the place. I love the effects, these covers really nail the sci-fi element.

22180850 23463460 25201054

I was unable to find a cover for Winter, but the Thai covers still have so many elements that I like, they are so mystical and cater more to the fantasy side of the series in my mind. Plus the images of Cinder, Scarlet and Cress really capture their personality.

25984595 Russian cover for SCARLET - titled, interestingly, "Little Red Riding ... 25860678 29476327

The Russian covers are quite pretty, however they are quite different from book to book. I think they get better as they go, the last two are really nice.

2539265729476806explore cover cress vietnamese cover and more1000+ images about My Book Covers on Pinterest | Marissa meyer, Book ...1000+ images about Book Covers and Concept Arts on Pinterest | Scarlet ...... partie cover winter and more marissa meyer winter vietnam beautiful

The Vietnamese Covers – I mean damnnnn I really like the Cinder and Scarlet ones, and I even managed to find concept art online for Cress and Winter’s covers. I really like the first Cress one and the Winter cover with the apple on it (although neither of the Winter ones really fit in with the rest)


French Covers – these are really beautiful but don’t necessarily fit all together… but I do like them


Korean Covers – I was unable to find a Winter cover for this version but all the other ones are so awesome looking. They fit the story so well and match and ahhh yes.

I’ve enjoyed doing the book covers for The Lunar Chronicles so much, I hope you have too.


62% – Ahhhh omg so many emotions

How could I not rate this five stars… I mean everything wrapped up super well and it kept moving so fast. The book was quite long and a lot happened but everything made sense. It was interesting to see the interactions and relationships between different combinations of the characters as there is a rather large cast of main characters (which did get a bit confusing at times) but kept the book feeling fresh when there were new groups of people meeting each other.

I really liked the final battle scene which was super intense and there was a lot of components that came together really well, I also liked how the book didn’t just stop there. We got to see our characters recover after all the drama which was so nice. I did feel like considering this is Winter’s book she could have been a bit more present although I get why the focus had to be on the drama with Levana.

I also would have liked the cover to have a bit more relevance… this one kind of didn’t relate to the story which was disappointing considering I spent ages trying to figure out how it would fit in. I did like how this book really tied in with the snow white fairy tale though, I think this one was probably the one that most closely mirrored the actual fairy tale, although that might have just been the author focusing on other things so not bothering to develop it too much… Also can we talk about the romances, they were all super sweet but I found it kind of annoying/unrealistic that our eight main characters all end up paired off. I get that it is a part of the retelling vibe and they were all really well done, but part of me wishes some of the characters didn’t end up in relationships. Although Cress and Thorne were perfect… and tbh so were Cinder and Kai…

I just don’t want to see the series go… it’s crazy to think less than a month ago I hadn’t even read Cinder.

**note I was heavily medicated and sick while writing this review so haha have fun**


  • The length of the book, I know some people think it was too long but personally I loved that so much happened in this book.
  • The plan that our main characters took the time and effort to think up, will it work? I don’t know (well I do know but #spoilers) but just them actually having a plan is something that I massively admire because so often YA books have characters expecting to take on the world with no plan whatsoever? like why? who thought that was a good idea?
  • The ending – I’m not going to spoil it for you, but it’s intense and totally does the series justice
  • Confrontation between Levana and Cinder occurs in several scenes and the tension them is done so well, those scenes are actually amazing and I was clinging on for dear life (both metaphorically and literally considering I was incredibly sick at the time)
  • The post battle chapters – getting to see these chaacters that I had grown so attached to in the aftermath of the giant battle was so nice, and I know that Stars Above is out and has more of this so I am 100% reading it soon
  • Character development is great in this book, all our characters come into their own and make some difficult choices and grow as people and it makes me so proud. I really feel like I’ve gone on a journey with these guys.
  • Character relationships and I’m not just talking about the romantic ones. Seeing Winter and Scarlet help each other, and having all the different characters all interact with each other was so nice to see



  • The interpretation of Snow White was a bit…unimaginiative… at least compared to the others. As I said in my first thoughts bit, I understand that by this point of the series there were other things to focus on but still… I wanted that amazing twist on the Snow White story (leading into my next point)
  • Where was Winter?? Like seriously… she wasn’t super present… I mean she was there more than she was in the other books but it didn’t feel like HER book if you get what I mean. I still don’t feel that attached to her.
  • There were so many romances, and yes I supported them all but I would have still loved to see some of the characters end up single. This isn’t something speciic to this book (the romances here were done really well) but just in general I want more books where not everyone ends up in a relationship



10 thoughts on “Winter Review

  1. Ahh great review! I have yet to read this one and Fairest but LIKE WHY IS THIS SO HUGE? WHY? I am seriously intimidated lol Plus I love the Russian covers! They are holy frikking gorgeous *insert heart eyes here*


  2. I agree with maybe leaving some characters “romance-less”; that would’ve been nice. And yeah, where WAS Winter??? XD I actually didn’t know it was 800 pages — I just thought it was like 500 or something. XD


  3. I really loved Winter, I am constantly debating about whether book 3 or 4 is my favourite. I think it’s safe to say that it’s one of my favourite finales that I’ve ever read. I’m glad you enjoyed it!


  4. I LOVED Winter! It was MY FAVORITE, the way Marissa tied up all loose ends, made it amazing. While I agree with your comments about it NOT being Winter’s book, it still was AMAZING, length and all.


    1. I’m glad you enjoyed it. I totally agree that it was really well written in the way that everything tied up and fitted together really well.


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