Camp NaNoWriMo – How I Create a Story!

Camp Nanowrimo is right round the corner and if your anything like me (which is quite unfortunate) you will only be just starting your planning. Here is how I plan, plus a few tips. Please be advised this is only the way that I plan and this is what suits me. It may not be for you and that is totally fine.

Firstly for me it starts with an idea. It could be something small, a character, a setting even just simply a word (my current story started with the word assasins- yes I am dark and scary). Once you have a few little ideas floating around in your brain, hopefully you do or if you don’t try different methods of finding it. Music, pinterest and looking at past stories you have written always help


Anyway once you have all these little ideas, start to brainstorm. Write all the little things, ideas… (basically just have a brain dump about your story) on a page or Microsoft word or whatever you wish to use- I use workflowy, its really good for brainstorming. Your list should look something like this only hopefully a lot longer (this is an example, my list is way to messy to even look at)

  • Setting = Mars
  • Girl Assassin
  • Undercover operations
  • Testing to get into operations
  • Assassins are set missions from the government
  • MC is brainwashed

A list of words? I know right but it makes sense to me ahaah.

Asking Questions

For me this next step is the fun part or anyway it is for me. Now I expand on my little list of ideas by asking questions about these points. For example, for the first dot point, it says setting is mars but, how could they live there? how big could the civilisation be? What does it look like?

Or for the second (girl assassin) i could ask what does she look like? What is her personality? Can you think of any sort of motivation she could have? Does she have friends? If so, who are they? It goes on and on and on, until you have developed a long long long list of ideas. Now I take them and turn them into plot points.

Plot points

Again for me I do it in a list. SO MANY LISTS, IM SORRYYYY.

Anyway next thing I develop plot points. Just a few scenes or major events I have in mind that would happen to my character. I place these in chronological order in a list and even though I wont really have all the scenes there it is a good start and guide to look over if I am stuck. It’s a foundation anyway.

Expanding into content

Once I have these scenes I will start writing…. But not my actual story (you thought it was over ahha). I will start writing anything relevant to the story, for example I will describe what a day in multiple character’s lives would look like, I will write a description for an overview of my setting and write character profiles. These along with pinterest and mood boards really help my during NaNoWriMo


Although I don’t have a proper outline this way really suits me as I prefer to not know too much of my story going in before I write it- jks I’m just lazy. Anyway as I complete nanowrimo I enjoy looking over these notes which I keep in a big sketch book which help me not to lose track of my story.

Do you think this method is effective? Do you do something similar to this? Any comments on my process?

3 thoughts on “Camp NaNoWriMo – How I Create a Story!

  1. I find I can’t write much about a character’s typical day or attitude, because it keeps on evolving during the first draft. If I don’t learn anything from it, I might as well be doing something mildly productive instead. Like Pinterest, because that’s *totally* not a massive black hole at the edge of society to which I am totally lost. #HelpMe.
    I have completely turned around in the last two years. I used to be a hardcore pantser, and now I NEED an outline or I’m doomed. The more detailed, the better. Honestly, some of my outlines might actually count as the first draft all by themselves. Which out works out, I guess, because the first draft is definitely my least favorite part of the writing process so far.
    The idea phase is my favorite. I love it when the characters seem so perfect and real, and the plot twists just keep on coming, and the setting’s glorious! And then I write. And I have to, you know, *work* for that perfection on the page.
    I am insanely excited for Camp NaNoWriMo. Even though my word goal is tiny, because #SoMuchSchoolwork.


  2. Interesting process, Ella! I relate to you with lists: LISTS ARE SO AMAZING. I’m currently planning out a new story idea in the form of a really long bullet list in random thoughts and ideas. XD I just started outlining, and it’s so helpful! Thanks for sharing your process, Ella. I’m feeling inspired already! :D


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