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The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer is an amazing series that I have currently finished but I have too many thoughts to lump the books into a series review. Beware this review will be from the perspective of someone who knows where the series ends up so I might overlook some details etc. You can read my review for Cinder to see my thoughts. I refer heavily to themes or topics in that review in this post so reading it will be incredibly helpful.

**also there WILL be spoilers for Cinder in this review**



Well if you’ve already read Cinder, which you should have, then you know that Cinder is part cyborg and part Lunar. You know that she’s been put in prison after the whole fiasco with the ball and you know about how she has Iko’s android chip in her leg.

Basically this book follows two plots, firstly Cinder trying to escape from prison and figure out what is going on. She makes a new friend, attempts to stay hidden (and does it pretty badly) and also learns more about her place in the Lunar drama that went down.

The second plot follow Scarlet, a new character that a lot of people find annoying. Her grandmother’s been kidnapped (surprise surprise considering this is Little Red Riding Hood retelling) and she meets a fellow ho goes by the name of ‘Wolf’ which is also pretty much a given considering the fairy tale in question. Wolf is weird, and we don’t know much about him but he’s helping Scarlet find her grandmother which is the main thing.

Oh also Scarlet’s story takes place in France and the people of Lunar have big plans for taking over Earth. That’s pretty much what you need to know considering if you’ve read Cinder you are almost certainly going to love this book.

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As with Cinder, Scarlet has a heck load of covers so I am going to give my opinions on a bunch of them.

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  • The American/British/Australia cover – slightly confused by this cape because Scarlet wears a hoodie… but it looks pretty and I understand why they didn’t want to have her face.
  • The German cover – I like this better than the German cover for Cinder which had no relevance to the story at all, this one I can get behind but it isn’t as pretty or interesting as most of the others
  • Italian/French/Czech/Russian/Turkish cover – Ok I like this one, but it isn’t in the same style as the previous covers for these countries which is kind of annoying. It is quite pretty even if it doesn’t really fit in with the actual story. But it does deserve to be the second most common cover it is really pretty
  • Turkish cover – I don’t think I saw a Turkish cover for Cinder, but I don’t particularly love this one but it isn’t super different to the main cover so I don’t dislike it

18484162 29265436 18483526 25542294

  • Portuguese cover  – I like this one, it is similar to the Portuguese cover for Cinder but is also incredibly pretty. Despite it having nothing to do with the story this is also super pretty. Also that font… I associate The Lunar Chronicles with pretty fonts so this is nice
  • Indonesian cover – this is fairly similar to the usual cover for Scarlet but a lot better. I actually love this one because it shows a bit of her gun and this looks more like a hoodie in a way.
  • Bulgarian/Spanish cover – well that is one creepy cover but I actually really like it, like her face damn…. but also that cape is really pretty and I think it actually fits well with the plot of the story, it doesn’t fit super well with the previous Bulgarian cover but I still think it fits relatively well
  • Swedish cover – very similar to the Bulgarian cover, the same creepy doll and pretty cape. The Swedish Cinder cover was also a doll so I like that this has a similar theme. That font is also super pretty.

26399820 17909742 33179747 23562431

  • Chinese cover – this is super pretty and I love it and although it is in the same style as the Chinese cover of Cinder they are quite different and now I am just wishing the Cinder cover was like this one. That space thing in the hood is super cool and I like the white background.
  • Polish cover – this is probably the only cover so far apart from the UK/Aus/US and the German one that is the same style in the Cinder and Scarlet and I actually like that. This is very little red riding hood esque but doesn’t quite capture all of the intricacy of the story. What I want is to see some of Wolf on the cover.
  • Serbian cover – YES it fits in with Cinder’s Serbian cover AND it looks amazing. I have to admit I didn’t like the Serbian cover for Cinder but this one is actually so pretty
  • Hungarian cover – pretty similar to the third cover we looked at, this is actually very pretty. I think it has limited relevance to the story and it also has really nice fonts. It’s nice but not that original.

29476806 33624282 26150156 23463460

  • Vietnamese cover – I love this cover, it is so pretty and that silk looks amazing. It doesn’t really tell us much though… and the Vietnamese cover for Cinder was so pretty and cute and I want more of that. Still doesn’t tell you much about the story but I like it better than the other ones.
  • Georgian cover – this one is actually original and I like it, the red coat is still there but that train background makes it feel sci-fi and the woods on the inside is a good way to not show the face. This one grows on my the more I look at it.
  • Korean cover – I like this one, that coat is more my style and I am loving that shadow of a wolf which really hints at the fairy tale. It is similar to the Korean Cinder cover and I love that.
  • Thai cover – the Thai covers are actually really good, there is some similarity with the Cinder cover which you all know by now that I appreciate. And this actually looks like  a hoodie as opposed to a coat, plus that gun. YES. Also the background has the Eiffel tower along with a train crossing a bridge. I approve of this cover so much.

which covers do you like best? I think my favorites are the Indonesian, Hungarian, Koran and Thai covers.

I am kind of disappointing in the Scarlet covers, there were so many amazing Cinder covers but the style for most of then has been completely changed. I think in my Winter review I’m going to have to take a special look at which covers have managed to actually stay the same the whole time and applaud them vigorously because there is NOTHING more annoying that a series changing its covers.



I kind of don’t know what to say about this book. There are so many things. It was even more of an emotional roller coaster than the first book and left me constantly guessing. I didn’t know if Wolf could be trusted for the whole book and I spent my time swinging between loving him and hating him. Scarlet was an interesting character, some aspects of her I found annoying but I liked her brash and outspoken nature and her solid determination. The other new character (Captain Thorne) I didn’t really like. I didn’t not like him… but I don’t care for him much yet. Cinder was still amazing, and there was less of Kai in this book which was to be expected I guess but I still feel like I want more character development from him.

I liked seeing how the plot of the two different characters entwined and I liked the interpretation of the Little Red Riding Hood story, I think the plot line of the novel was more closely linked with the fairy tale than in Cinder. The world continued to be developed and I learnt more about the Lunars and their gifts. There were several times I found myself making connections then gasping out loud, not my favorite cover though (and if I had to give one of the books a lower rating then I feel like it would be this one, at this point I have read Cress and I feel like Winter will be amazing so this is kind of the down point in the series) <— for me personally

The overarching plot continues to unfold in this book while we are introduced to the new characters which kept things moving, both plots were equally interesting and I liked seeing how they indirectly influenced each other. I am just really enjoying this series.



  • The new characters we were introduced to were cool and added to the story, Cinder forming postitive relationships was really nice
  • How the world / plot got bigger, information was introduced naturally and it just kept growing
  • Wolf, there was so much suspense about whether I should trust him or not and I really appreciated that
  • The Litte Red Riding Hood touches
  • I don’t know how to put this into words but I liked how the plot in this book seemed small and personal but really set up the plot for the rest of the series and put us in the middle of all the drama going on


  • Some scenes felt unnecessary and although from the end of the series I can see why they were needed they were a bit annoying to read
  • This book felt like the weak link in the series (still stronger than some books I’ve read but compared to the others)
  • The setting of France was far less developed than the setting in the first book
  • The pacing of this book was kind of slower although it wasn’t a horrible thing because it allowed us to get to know the characters better

I usually do a ‘similar books section’ but this post is long enough as it is and I did a pretty extensive one at the end of my Cinder review so check that out if you’re interested.



10 thoughts on “Scarlet Review

  1. The Lunar Chronicles are so amazing, aren’t they??? Scarlet was so action-packed that I couldn’t wait to get to Cress. And WHAT THERE IS A THAI COVER??? THIS IS AMAZING. (I am Thai. XD ) Great review, and I totally agree with the five star rating!


    1. Ahh that’s so cool. I love looking at all the covers because there are honestly so many amazing ones!! The Lunar Chronicles is amazing, hope you get to Cress soon.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Ahh I’m glad you liked it!! Scarlet is my favourite of the series. <3 I LOVE SCARLET AND WOLF SO MUCH OMGGG. And I actually adored Thorne.😂 I think he's my favourite in the series hheheh. I also love how you've compared all the covers, and that Portuguese one is gorgeous.😍😍


    1. I love looking at the other covers, some of them are just so awesome. I think that Scarlet was my least favorite book in the series but it was still so good. Marissa Meyer did so well at weaving the plot together and I just don’t understand how it happened.


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