Physical Books, Ebooks and Audio Books – Discussion

I’m really busy with school work at the moment so I thought it would be fun to have a more discussion type post. I use physical books, ebooks and audio book and consider them all books, however there are some differences that make the experience quite unique depending on which format you choose. I’m going to share what I like and what I don’t like about each format and I’d be really interested to see what you think.


Physical Books


  • I like the feeling of carrying them around
  • Read them more quickly because I carry them everywhere and can read whenever I have a spare second
  • People see me reading and leave me alone (most of the time)
  • People see me with the book and it is a good conversation topic
  • They look pretty on my shelf
  • The smell



  • Are there any?? yes…. I guess so
  • They take up space in your house and are heavy to carry (especially when I already have like ten textbooks)
  • They are costly to buy
  • There is the risk of damaging them which is such a big fear of mine




  • Take up less space which is really handy when packing
  • Cheaper and there is still a large variety of library ones
  • Easy to carry more than one book at a time so you can read what you feel like



  • I’ve read so many wattpad stories that it’s ingrained in my mind that ebooks are not really books (so when I read a proper ebook I kept thinking it was fake)
  • I’m less likely to pull my phone out and read than I am if I have a physical book
  • My phone looses charge really quickly
  • It’s just not the same feeling
  • I read so much slower for some reason




  • Some of them are amazing
  • Help you visualise the characters and what is happening
  • Can listen to them while doing other things like driving or folding clothes
  • Lyrical writing is even better when listened to
  • Highly portable



  • If there is noise where you are then you can’t listen to what is going on (curse you construction workers)
  • Doing other things while listening means sometimes I zone out and skip parts of the story
  • The narrator is slower than my mind voice, and I don’t want to speed him up too much


These are Goals not New Years Resolutions.png

All in all I think it’s worth trying all three formats and seeing what works for you. Personally I try to stick to physical books but I read ebooks if there is no way I can get the physical copy and I listen to audiobooks that are in my library that I already plan to read. Currently I am using mainly ebooks because the space saved is totally worth it with all I have to carry at the moment even it means I read slower.


which format do you prefer? why? what are some of the advantages or disadvantages you’ve found?


11 thoughts on “Physical Books, Ebooks and Audio Books – Discussion

  1. I love reading physical copies of books but I just don’t have the space for them so I tend to buy e-books and read them on my ipad which I don’t mind at all either. Plus they’re normally cheaper. I’m listening to my first audiobook at the moment, holding up the universe by Jennifer Niven. I really like it so far but I do get what you mean about zoning out, sometimes I realise I’ve not been listening and have to go back. I don’t think I could listen to audiobooks all the time but I’ll be trying the a bit more. Great post!


    1. I completely agree with you, audio books are good and I really like the ones I have listen to but its so easy to miss stuff. Ebooks are definitely a great solution when you don’t have the space or money for physical books but I find librarys tend to solve that problem too.


      1. I just prefer being able to do jobs or write blog ideas while also reading. There are also certian books I haven’t been able to finish that I know I would have gotten done in a few days with the audio.


  2. I prefer hard copies myself. There are so many aspects of a hard copy that I like : the cover picture, the illustrations, sometimes the pages have a sort of yellowish effect which gives the book a vintage look. I really like that! On the other hand, ebooks make my eyes itch and irritate if I read for a long time.


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