What to Read??? An Age Old Question

Deciding what to read next is hard. There are just so many choices out there and seems like there is so little time. Trust me, having too many book to read is something I know. I currently have over 1000 books added on goodreads on the shelves ‘to read’ and ‘considering’. I have nearly 20 books on my bookshelf that I haven’t read. I have 8 books that I have to read for school. I have 3 more books that I plan to buy within the next month. It’s all to easy for the numbers to add up. I’m going to try to explain how I pick with book to read next in the hope that it will help both you as the reader and me as the confused being writing this post figure out the best way to tackle our TBR piles.


What’s Happening

A lot of people I know are mood readers, meaning they only read a certain genre or book when it feels right. Sometimes there are certain events that can cause us to feel that way, like if you’re going on holidays then maybe you want a cute contemporary romance or an adventure novel. Personally I am going on a series of camps over the next few weeks which means I want book that I can read all in one go and know I will enjoy. That might not narrow down the possibilities much but it’s a step in the right direction.


What’s Available

Like most of you bookworms I have a large pile of unread books on my shelf at home, this can be the best place to start looking for books to read because they don’t require you to go to a shop or library to get them and you probably do plan to read them sometime if they’re on your shelf. For those of you who don’t have large TBR piles try taking a look at your local library (or the online catalog) and see which books are ready for you to take home right that second. However this also applies to what books have been released recently that you are waiting to read.


Use Resources

Goodreads is your friend. I have an extensive goodreads tbr of books I plan to read at some point, and every so often I scan through it and add books to my list of the ones I plan to read really soon (generally in that year). Then when I’m stuck with what to read next I can scroll through that list of the book I plan to read soon and see what interests me in the moment. Goodreads can also be helpful for finding books in a certain genre or ones similar to books you’re already read.

Another resource I’ve found really helpful is a monthly TBR list. I use this to focus my attention as to what books I plan to read next, and it can be really helpful to have some goals to work towards. However I also have a yearly TBR list split into months, so I have 5-6 books on each month at the start, and then it piles up as I add school books and review copies that have been sent to me etc. This way if you plan to read a book one month but don’t get to it you can always do it the next month and if nothing on your monthly list is interesting you there is the option of picking a book from another month.


Which Books do you NEED to read?

Books you need to read differ by person, but here are some examples of books I need to read:

  • That one book that everyone keeps talking about and I keep saying “it’s on my TBR… I’ll get to it one day” (ok this counts for like 100 books)
  • That book everyone always asks me if I’ve read it and then when I reply with “not yet” they practically scream
  • That school book that is already being talked about in class and I have no idea what is going on
  • That book that has been on my shelf for three years and I keep telling myself I still want to read it but whenever I get my TBR shelf down to basically nothing it is still left sitting there staring at me
  • That book I promised my best friend I would read because it’s her favorite book
  • That book series that comes before another book series I am really wanting to read but am unable to read until I have read the first series
  • That book that I have been waiting for ages to read but no libraries near me have it
  • That book that concludes my favorite series ever and came out two years ago but is over 1000 pages long and I want to reread the whole series before I read it and the six other books are like 800 pages too so I keep putting it off.

But as I said that’s just me, maybe the books you need to read are different.




Randomly selecting a book to read is a lot of fun, especially when the number of books you have to read is causing you to be incredibly indecisive. Some ways you can do this is are

  • Randomizing your goodreads shelf and picking the first book (or fifth, or twenty first – just a fixed number)
  • Running your finding along the spines of books on your tbr shelf with your eyes close until you find one that calls to you (note this will not work if you meticulously organised your shelves like I do and know the location of every book)
  • Getting a friend to pick a book from your TBR shelf
  • Throwing something at your bookshelf and whichever books you knock off are the ones you are reading next
  • Letting a dog into your room, spreading your TBR shelf out on the ground and seeing which book they sniff for the longest (bonus points if they go to chew it as long as you stop them before they actually ruin the book)


So here are some books I plan to read on my camps

Camp 1 (5 days and 13 hours travel)

  • Cinder and Scarlet by Marissa Meyer
  • Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell
  • Like 3 other books I have on my phone and it will depend on what I feel like reading at the time as to which of them I actually read


Camp 2 (2.5 days and 4 hours travel)

  • The Hate You Give
  • Caraval
  • Windwitch
  • Basically all the new releases I am planning to buy really soon so I can show off how cool I am to the two other bookworms I am going with


hopefully this has helped you pick what to read next, let me know what’s on your TBR list and why it’s there in the comments




8 thoughts on “What to Read??? An Age Old Question

  1. Choosing what to read next is so hard! I read books on my Ipad so a lot of the time, if I can’t decide on a book myself’ I’ll pass my Ipad to my boyfriend and just tell him to pick one for me to read. It really helps me to read a book that I might have forgotten about. Great post!


  2. Well right now I’m in a reading slump which makes me even more indecisive. Doesn’t help that I have 400 books that I ticked ‘want to read’ on Goodreads 😅😅


  3. I can definitely relate. It’s really difficult to choose what to read. I have over 200 books on my shelves that I haven’t read yet, thanks to donations by friends and family and my unwillingness to ever pass up a free book. Usually I read by priority, so school books and review requests, and then by mood.


  4. Very thoughtful post. Sometimes I finish a book and I know just which one I’m picking up next and other times it seems like an impossible decision. As a mood reader, even knowing what book should be next up can be a problem when you’re just not feeling that particular genre. I like giving myself a lot of options, so aside from the TBR books on my own shelf, checking out a few books from the library at once helps a lot. Great discussion and I hope you enjoy your camping trips!


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