January Wrap Up + February TBR

I had a lot of goals for January, namely the twenty books I thought I was going to read. Haha as if… Read on to see how I did and what books I plan to read in February.



There were a lot of cross overs between books I planned to read, actually read and want to read in February. So here are a few graphics. I know that the February TBR list is quite long… that’s because I want to read a lot of books and it just depends on what I get to.


So in January I read ten books, of which three were ones I was already half way through. That’s not great considering I was on holidays the whole time, but it’s not too bad. My February TBR is once again made up of school books and a few other ones namely the Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer. The white lines show which books ended up on more that one list, because a lot of them have transferred over. There are some books that I planned to read in January and didn’t get to but aren’t on my TBR for next month, that’s because there are only so many books I can read in a month so I aim to read them in later months of the year.


I also amassed a few book vouchers from my birthday that I aim to use in the coming months along with a new bookshelf. Check out the books I got in my bookshelf organization post.



I aimed to write 50k in January… I wrote like 3k. However I did a lot of planning and now I think I’m ready to write a lot in February. I have a list of scenes and corrections that I aim to do however it’s kind of difficult to judge that in a number of words. So for February my goals is:

Work on my novel in the times I have scheduled

It’s difficult to judge and not a smart goal (learn about smart goals in my news years resolution post) but it’s the best I can come up with. The times I plan to write are roughly an hour most mornings and a few times in the evening. It adds up to around ten hours a week so if I can actually stick to that I will be pretty happy.

I also had some really interesting and vivid dreams that I am interested in using in my writing as a basis for characters or a situation.



This month has been pretty good for blogging. I haven’t managed to write posts ahead of time which was one of my main goals but I did manage to make some pretty nice graphics for my blog and find a review process that works for me. Some of my posts this month include

I also posted reviews for the following books

Plus, in this one month I have been able to get more than half the views I got in the whole of last year! I think that’s a pretty big accomplishment, or it just shows how little effort I put into my blog last year.

Also, I got twitter so now you can keep up with my random thoughts, bookish updates and writing sprints over at @Bookish Nights


so that’s my month, let me know how your January went and what plans you have for February in the comments

9 thoughts on “January Wrap Up + February TBR

  1. Oh congrats on the views!! THAT’S FABULOUS. And yayyy for much reading! Even if it wasn’t as many as you originally wanted. There’s always the rest of the year right?! And honestly I suck at getting any writing done in January. I have great intentions and then, zooooom, they fly out the window and I end up melting in the aircon and pretending I’ll be productive next month.😂 Also being able to use dreams for books/character inspiration is AMAZING. Good on you! I always forget my dreams.😂

    Hope you have a good February!


  2. A twenty-book TBR in one month? I can’t imagine, I feel super successful anytime I pass 8 books. I love your graphic for your TBR, it’s awesome. I read Windwitch earlier this month and loved it, so I hope you do as well. Hope you have a productive and fun February!


  3. WOW! 10 BOOKS! HOW DO YOU DO THIS! I can only read maybe 6 a month. Hopefully I’ll be able to increase that this month because I don’t have any HUGE tests to study for! Good post!


  4. Wow, 10 is a large number, whether or not you’re on break. Also the Lunar Chronicles is amazing. I think you’ll really like those books. January has been horribly unproductive for me. I’ve missed a couple of blog posts and haven’t read much aside from the books I’ve had to read. But I’ll get back on track in February.


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