A Court of Thorns and Roses Review

I’m going to do this post a little differently to how I usually do reviews, it will be a bit more casual just because that means it takes less effort to write and I am more likely to actually finish it. The summary is more the way I would describe the book to a friend, the immediate though are what I posted in my goodreads review and the rest is just other things I feel like I wanted to talk about. Hope you enjoy.



I read A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J Maas a few months ago so sorry if my knowledge is a little rusy. It follows Feyre who lives in a world where fae are a constant threat to her life. She lives with her father and two sisters who are horrible people and don’t do anything to help the survival of the family. They leave Feyre to keep them alive (just) through her hunting.

Fast forward a bit and Feyre ends up in the land of the fae under the care of Tamlin and his friend Lucien who are both fae. Tamlin is basically an arrogant dick the whole time who spends a lot of his time not present or dramatically gazing at things (at least that’s what he does in my head). Lucien seems nice but he doesn’t like Feyre (understandable) and he is also too weak to stand up for himself and thus a lot of communication failures occur. Unfortunately this isn’t where the story ends. Two thirds of the way through the book a new conflict arises, but we’ll get into that later.


Immediate Thoughts

I found the beginning of this book quite boring because not much happened until half way through the book. There was a lot of set up. I found Feyre and Tamlin’s relationship really cute because they were so independent and stubborn and acted as if they didn’t need anyone to help them but really they did which was so nice. I found most of the plot reveals predictable but then again considering it is a beauty and the beast retelling you aren’t expected not to realise the connections.

I don’t understand why the author had to put her under the mountain for the last quarter of the book. Honestly that should have been the sequel or a larger part of the book, it felt rushed and I wanted more of the clever parts. I guess I can see why she did it though, it ties up the story well and plays a large role in why I actually want to read the sequel. Honestly if that was left until the second book I wouldn’t have continued with the series. One thing that I am surprised about is in the third challenge, there were a few things happening that I saw connections between but I was completely wrong about where Sarah J Maas was headed and I think that was a missed opportunity. Highlight for spoiler —> The three people she had to kill, I thought they were going to be Alis and her nephews because that would have been really emotional.

What else can I say

It is pitched as a retelling of Beauty and the Beast with fae although honestly I don’t think it should be. The reality of the book that you get doesn’t quite line up and knowing that it is a retelling of a fairy tale that I know so well means that some of the plot twists were incredibly expected. As with the Throne of Glass series (Empire of Storms review here) I feel like the book was good but it went in directions that I didn’t like. The original ideas are good but if I was writing the book it would diverge from the path it took at one critical moment and end up being a very different book.

Having also read the second book in the series by this point (review coming soon) I feel like Sarah J Maas had that idea first then figured that she had to make us like the characters before writing that so backed up to this book. The whole thing felt quite rushed.

Over all I did like this book and having read the second one (because I borrowed them both from a friend at the same time) I do like where the series ends up. This first book is a bit of a mess though. I give A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J Maas three stars.

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