Plans for the Blog

I know that I said I would be back, but it seems that I am only half back. My computer is still throwing a tantrum so I need to get that fixed ASAP, and I need to stop making excuses and get to writing blog posts. Here are some plans for what I want to do with the blog that I’d love your thoughts on, because a random post like this is better than none at all.


I have been reading Paper Fury‘s posts a lot recently and her photography is AMAZING, so I thought I’d give some photography of my own a go. Look out for that in the future!


I do plan to churn out more reviews, maybe one a week. Although if I don’t like a book then a mini review post it shall be because sometimes I just don’t have enough to say. I do tend to write little reviews on goodreads so I am planning to reconfigure how I review books a bit.

Writing Help

This is something I want to continue to do, so if there are any writing topics you guys want me to cover then please let me know. When I am writing a lot I have a lot of writerly things I want to speak about but I’m not exactly sure if they are actually helping any of you.

Life Stuff

I want to keep blogging even if sometimes it isn’t writing or book related. I would like to think that at least some of you would be interested in hearing about what strategies I am using for studying, what I am eating or even just how busy I am. If that displeases you please let me know and I will be sure to take your opinion into consideration (but will probably end up doing what I want anyway)


I would love to do a series of recommendations posts, I’m not quite sure how I will do this but I’m thinking similar to my How to cure your Throne of Glass book hangover post. I will take books that are popular at the time and recommend less commonly read books that are similar because that is the best part of reading to me, talking to other people about books they need to read.

So I’d love your input on which of these topics you are very interested in and which ones you don’t really care about. Oh and also I will be doing a MASSIVE book haul in early January encompassing all of the books that I have gotten for Christmas, my birthday, and a bunch of others that I have gotten from times when I couldn’t stop myself. Hopefully I’ll be back soon.


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