Preparing for Nanowrimo

It is October again, meaning nanowrimo is next month and it’s time to get planning. Here are a few things I’m going to be doing to get ready that I would recommend you’d try.


Other Commitments

I’m trying to do as many things this month as I can so that I am free next month. I have exams then, so I’m writing all my study notes now. I’m also writing a lot of blog posts in advance so that I will be able to focus all my time on writing. I’m blocking out time that I will set aside for writing so that I can be sure I will get the most writing done as possible.



I am what you call a plotter, meaning I like to have plot in mind before I start writing. Even if you aren’t someone who likes to plan out your whole novel I’ve found it is a good idea to have some idea of where you want to end up. At the very least a list of plot points that you can be sure to head towards. I have a very clear list of scenes I want to write and although I may end up writing more things to go in between them it is a good starting point.


World Building

Because I am writing a high fantasy, world building is very important. I am going through and trying to figure out what a normal day would be for my characters in their society. I’m deciding on the topography of the land, the climate, what currency is used, how the money is split between the social classes. There is so much you can do in world building to make your setting appear more real. Even if you don’t use it in your novel, the better your understanding of the world the better you will be able to write.


One thought on “Preparing for Nanowrimo

  1. What a lovely list of preparation tips for what many writers consider the most stressful month of the year! I personally do not participate in NaNo, but I always enjoy seeing my dear writer friends surge forward in their word count goals, and celebrate with them when they inevitably type the coveted the end by November 30th. It is truly a mad dash to the finish line, and we must roll our sleeves up to make the journey as pain-free as possible! I wish you the best of luck this year, my friend. xx


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