My Themes

I remember reading a little while ago that anyone who writes has some common themes that they tend to gravitate towards writing towards. For some people these are moral messages like ‘power for the weak’ or ‘equality for all’, for others it is recurring character types like ‘bored teenager’, and for some people there are similar plot elements like broken friendships.

So I recently discovered some common things I do when writing and I thought it would be interesting to keep a record of them and see if they have changed when I look back on them after having written a few more things and being in a different stage of life. Currently my common themes are:

  • No clear villain
  • Character who is super organised
  • Character who is clever but very stubborn
  • Travelling and seeing different places
  • Lack of role model figures
  • Close friendships as opposed to relationships


Are you a writer and if so what are your themes?


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