Camp Nanowrimo Update

Hahah the last week was a bit of a mess…

On the 25th I wrote 1527 words then on the 26th I wrote another 500. After that I stopped writing. This meant for the month of July I had a total of 33 655 words. My goal was 50 000. I lost… I went back to school and got busy, along with kind of burning out. This is more than I wrote in April however so I am happy with it. I think I will take a week or two to get up to date with school work then jump back into writing.

How did your camp nanowrimo go?


I thought I would give a list of things I learn about myself and my writing process throughout the month:

  • I work far better to a goal
  • Once I get behind it is hard to get motivated to keep going
  • I always put writing off to late at night – not the smartest decision
  • It is helpful to take ten minutes before I begin writing to plan what is going to happen next
  • I love pinterest…
  • My characters are far smarter than I am



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