Top Ten Things Books Have Made Me Want To Do or Learn About After Reading Them

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish, and although there aren’t ten of these I feel like they are all good enough additions to not need ten haha.



Reading books has deeply inspired me to write books of my own. There is nothing quite like reading through lines of exquisite description and seeing the plot pull together perfectly before your very eyes. I aspire to be able to do these things one day.



I am not artistic, but hearing some descriptions of characters and settings has made me want to get my pencils out and draw them. Sure my efforts haven’t been great but I do have many sketches from my childhood of characters from books.



Many books that I have read are set in the past or in some form of fantasy version of the past. This has made me more knowledgeable and interested in history as a topic. I have been motivated to look into some aspects of it of my own regard due to this interest. I can say that through reading I have gained knowledge of many topics that are really strange and always make for interesting conversation.



This one didn’t end up happening, but I read a book about a girl who was really passionate about dance and I thought to myself ‘I could do that’ and I was completely convinced that I could become a dancer. Haha that idea was dropped soon after but it was nice to have motivation to do something.



Book characters do so many amazing things, and you can read about practically anything so reading books has encouraged me to hope for the best and dare to dream big, and to reach for my dreams no matter what.


Be my own hero

Reading has taught me that I need to stand up for myself and not wait for someone else to save the day. If I want something to happen then I need to go for it and make it happen. Sure other people will help me out along the way, but I have to be the one to take action.


Be positive

In books, nine times out of ten, the main character ends up happy. That has made me into a positive person who even in the hardest of times believes everything will work out in the end and helps me to stay strong even when I feel like running away.


How have books shaped you?


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