Camp Nanowrimo Update

Day Eighteen

daily word count – 459

total word count – 19 765

I started to get sick today so not much writing happened. I ended up just watching a lot of TV.


Day Nineteen

daily word count – 0

total word count – 19 765

I was meant to go back to school today but due to my sickness I stayed home. I really didn’t get any writing done today.


Day Twenty

daily word count – 1742

total word count – 21 507

I went back to school so had less time to write today. I managed to write once I got home but I doubt I will make it to 50k this month, I guess I will just aim for 40k.


Day Twenty One

daily word count – 2002

total word count – 23 509

I wrote while chatting to one of my writing buddies and I think today was reasonably successful.  I got through a good chuck of words.


Day Twenty Two

daily word count – 1870

total word count – 25 379

I wrote a little but in the morning when I first woke up then smashed out the rest of the words that afternoon. I know that I can keep writing this amount every day.


Day Twenty Three

daily word count – 5003

total word count – 30 382

I wrote 5k today!! That is an amazing amount for me. I did pretty much nothing else the rest of the day but it was great. Unfortunately towards the end I started to lose inspiration and I ended up running into a few plot holes that would take me a long time to fix. I didn’t know how to do this so I just pushed on with other things.


Day Twenty Four

daily word count – 1240

total word count – 31 622

I had a lack of inspiration today due to all of the writing yesterday. I had hoped to write more today and at least reach the required amount of 1667, however this didn’t end up happening. I spent my time recovering and doing some school work. I have tried crunching the numbers but I think that apart from trying to get to a certain word count I will just keep writing and be happy that I have done so consistently throughout the month.


How has your writing been going?


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