Camp Nanowrimo Update

Day Four

daily word count – 1737

total word count – 7003

I did a lot more character building, and then started using the ‘Extreme Harry Potter Word Crawl‘ which I found really helpful in keeping my motivation up. I made it to 7k and then went for a walk with my sister, and stopped off at the shops to get some chocolate for motivational purposes. I probably could have written more once I got home but I needed the break.


Day Five

daily word count – 1377

total word count – 8380

I had some friends over today so I didn’t get quite as much writing done, but I am still on track. I have found that if I sit down and write I can actually pump out a lot of words, it is just me being unsure as to what goes next that slows the whole process down.


Day Six

daily word count – 1824

total word count – 10 204

So I made it to 10k by doing the five headed hydra challenge which was really amazing at getting large amounts of words down. I then proceeded to crack open a bag of lollies to celebrate.


Day Seven

daily word count – 1692

total word count – 11 896

I had to work today, but I managed to write a bit of a list of what was going to happen next while there which was really helpful for when I got home. I think I might even aim for 55k this month just to make it a bit more challenging.


Day Eight

daily word count – 1572

total word count – 13  468

I wrote this 1.5k in roughly an hour which shows how nanowrimo is helping me to improve my writing speed. I used to get only 1k in an hour. I am reaching the struggle where I don’t know where my story is going, so hopefully I will find some direction soon.


Day Nine

daily world count – 1814

total word count – 15 282

I stayed up quite late watching movies but managed to write quite a bit. I probably would have gotten more done but I went out for dinner with my cousins. It was nice to have some interaction with other people and considering I am writing a book with group dynamics I guess it could be called research.


Day Ten

daily word count – 1304

total word count – 16 586

I didn’t manage to get much writing done today because from 12 until 5 I was at a family thing, and even after that I was pretty tired. I have just introduced new characters and I am struggling to let them all speak, but I think it should work out.


How is your camp nanowrimo going?


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