Camp Nanowrimo Update

Day One

daily word count – 1845

I wrote for an hour in the morning between 5am and 6am, gaining 950 words. I then wrote more from 7:45am to 8:00, making my way to 1200. While at school during the day, I didn’t get time to write however I managed to figure out my main character’s motivation while thinking about my writing. The motivation is to get his sister back, and that adds a spy vibe to the novel, like an infiltration mission. I wrote for another while at around 7pm and got to 1845 words. I did plan to write some more but got distracted on pinterest so that didn’t end up happening.


Day Two

daily word count – 1738

total word count – 3583

I had a lot of doubts about my beginning (aka the things I had written the previous day) and I am not sure if I want to keep it in once I am finished, however I am going to keep it in for now. I participated in the live camp write in which is something new for me, because normally they are early in the morning for me so I don’t end up doing them when they are on. It helped me to push onwards and not stop writing. I managed to get to 1300 before 12:30pm, then I had to go to netball and once I got home I was just so tired that I didn’t want to write. It got to around 8pm and I hadn’t done much more apart from figure out some more characters that I wanted to add and I was trying to find pictures however my internet was failing soo much. I am trying to make my characters diverse, and have them from a variety of countries which is really fun to do. I am enjoying finding different names from various countries. By 9:45pm I got to 1738 and decided to go to bed, and while I was falling asleep I managed to figure out the nationalities of all of my characters. I am not sure how big of a part some of them will play, and I don’t have names for all of them although I have done some research. Originally I planned to have six characters, and now two of them have become less important and one was always only a small part of the plot. However I now have added another four characters that are going to end up important somehow…


Day Three

daily word count – 1683

total word count – 5266

I spent most of this day looking for images and names for some of my characters. Wrote for 20 minutes at around 8am, and then another 20 minutes at around 1pm. I am not into the writing enough to really want to keep going so I really need to get more into doing word sprints. It has been helpful to get pictures, although I haven’t been able to find exactly what I am seeing in my head. I am also considering making a map of my setting, probably more for my own benefit, but I am not sure how long my characters will stay there so I may not. Today has mainly been a day of writing about walking and carrying things, along with a scene that was in my original idea of this novel which was around 20k of character descriptions and relations along with scenes from random parts of the novel. So what was fun to write because I was able to add more to it but still use some of the lines I used previously. I then wrote some more around 7pm and got to a part I was really looking forward to writing so hopefully that can help motivate me for the next day. In that 40 minutes I wrote around 600 words and found myself listening to rain forest sound tracks which surprisingly helped. It is currently 9:10pm and I doubt I will end up writing much more tonight although you never know.



Because this update is only a few days long, and all the others will have a full seven days in them I think I will give you a short summary of my camp nano work. My premise came about one day at school, with my idea being what if you were the only person in your school and you could do whatever you wanted as long as you didn’t step out of line. This developed, and the summary I wrote part way through June is as follows.

When Blake leaves the comfort of his secluded life to attend boarding school he never expected for his survival skills to come in this useful. The seemingly ideal school he is placed in soon reveals itself to be more dangerous than he could of imagined.

Even since then, this has developed and is now (as I mentioned) more a mission Blake undertakes in order to rescue his sister. It is a sci-fi set in the modern world except due to my love for fantasy I am having to constantly remind myself that there is modern technology like phones and cars.


Are you doing camp nanowrimo? If so how are you going?

One thought on “Camp Nanowrimo Update

  1. I only have a really short word count goal for this month. It’s reasonable for where I am right now though. It’s going well 😊 I’m working on a series of short stories that are all connected. I love your progress update! Look forward to the next one 😁


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