Camp Nanowrimo July

Camp Nanowrimo July is coming up in just over two weeks. For those of you who don’t know, camp nanowrimo is a month where aspiring novelists can band together and write a certain amout that they choose. I am aiming to participate with a goal of 40 000 words. I have won camp nano once before, in April, so I want to keep my writing going. I am aiming to write a piece set in the same world as my April novel but with different characters. Below is my synopsis

When the King died, three candidates were chosen as his heir. Each of them has different strengths and weaknesses. Tanith, a master of deception who’s allies are numerous. Mitrene, a powerful magician who aims to find a balance. Dimuri, a practiced speaker with strong opinions. Will it be magic, force or deception that proves to be the most important in the war to come.

I picked up a few tips in April that I’m going to share with you. To start with, always try to write as much as you can early on, because you never know what will come up later on in the month. It can be helpful to set aside some time every day to write, I often find that the earlier in the day I plan to write the more likely I am to actually write at that time as opposed to leaving it until the latest time possible in the day.

I personally, like having character profiles and  a list of plot points before I begin, so during the next two weeks I am planning to get that done. I also tend to do less reading during camp nano, instead I think of my own writing and get excited for that.

Setting daily goals and having rewards can also be helpful. I often set my goal for the day higher than is necessary so that if I have an off day I can write a little bit less. The rewards I use vary from food to TV shows, but I find that knowing I have reached my goal and gotten a bit further into the writing process is a reward on it’s own.

Would you be interested in reading a weekly summary of my progress? What do you think of my synopsis and would you be interested in learning more? Are you planning to do camp nanowrimo this July?


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