Ten Reasons I Love Reading

Today I am going to do a top ten Tuesday, a meme hosted by The Broke and The Bookish. This week is ten reasons you love something, so for me I am going to do reading.


1. Reading defines me

Ever since I was little, reading was what I did. Some of my earliest memories are of reading to my younger sister or of making up stories to fit the pictures I saw. Without books I would feel lost. When I walk around without a book in my hands I feel like something is missing. Books are such an important part of my life, and I wouldn’t be who I am today without them.


2. Reading gives me a chance to be a part of something bigger

When I was younger I was never especially sporty, nor was I good at playing computer games or being involved in boy/girl dramas. Despite my growth in all those areas in the past few years, reading is still one of my main talents. Using this I have been able to become a part of so many things, blogging, nanowrimo, the good reads community. The list goes on. Following authors and banding together in appreciation of their works makes me feel like a part of a team.


3. Reading gives me something to talk about

The number of times that an acquaintance has seen me holding a book and asked what I was reading are too numerous to count. I have to admit that without this I probably wouldn’t talk to these people half as much as I do. Without characters and intricate plots to critique and discuss I would be at a loss as to what to say. Reading helps me to interact with people in the real world, along with allowing me to dodge their conversations by reading when I’ve had an especially taxing day.


4. Reading provides an escape from my normal life

The adventure of a horseback chase, the mystery of a suspicious murder, the cover of a different identity. These are all things that I will never be able to experience in my own lifetime, but through reading I can feel the same emotions and be a part of whatever highly complicated plot is going on. I can read about plotting to overthrow a kingdom, or being the one people are trying to overthrow. There are endless possibilities. That is one of the things that I love about reading.


5. Reading lets me explore another world

I have never traveled very far from home, but I have always been fascinated by the idea of other cultures, other social set ups… other worlds. Reading gives me a chance to explore all of these cultures that exist on Earth and many that don’t. In a way, reading about these distant worlds are almost as good as being there yourself. It just makes them all the more ideal, a landscape that you make up in your mind.


6. Reading helps me meet all sorts of people

The amount of friends that I have only made because of books is astounding. I have a network of people that I can borrow books from, recommend books too, and spend the long wait for the next book with. Some of these are people who I wouldn’t have even talked to otherwise.


7. Reading gives me knowledge

Despite the lack of non-fiction books that I have read, reading fiction still provides me with knowledge whether it be of people and their habits or of interesting ways to rob a bank. At the very least reading opens my mind to new ways of thinking, and as I am a very close minded person this has been very beneficial to me. Reading has helped me to empathize with others and given me much needed knowledge on when to keep my mouth shut and when to speak up. Most of all, reading has taught me to be strong, because things will usually work out in the end.


8. Reading helps me to disconnect

Often in this day and age of technology it is hard to distance yourself from the vast ocean of sites that is the internet. Reading helps me to focus my attention and distract myself from becoming obsessed with other people. I have often found myself in situations where pulling out my phone would be rude, however picking up a book and reading is considered acceptable. Despite my love for TV and the internet, reading will always be where I go when I’ve had an especially rough day and I just need to escape into another world.


9. Reading allows me to be creative

I am not a creative person. I am not talented at singing, or creating music, or drawing or painting. However my love of reading has encouraged me to get involved in writing. It is through reading that I improve my writing, and it is through reading that I keep motivated to keep writing. Reading allows me to see what I love about books and what I hate, what is overdone and what is relatively original. Reading helps me to know what aspects of a book make me love reading them, thus helping me to be a better writer.


10. Reading keeps my imaginative

In a world where information is provided for you, imagination is becoming less and less relevant. In tv shows and movies you don’t have to imagine what a character looks like or their surroundings. However imagination is still relevant in books. Everyone has their own interpretation of the characters and settings which makes the experience all the more personal.


As I think you can tell from this list, I love reading. I would love to hear if you agree with any of my reasons, or what some of yours are.


8 thoughts on “Ten Reasons I Love Reading

  1. Great post! I especially love #8 to #10 – the others are all true as well, of course, but these particular reasons are why I read a lot. It’s so nice to get away from the world a little bit every day and immerse yourself in an imaginative world. :)


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