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Today I wanted to talk to you all about my writing. I have been interested in writing a novel for quite a while and have a lot of works in progress, some of which date back to five years ago. Although I do aim to eventually turn these into fully written pieces, probably with lots of development in the idea, I am currently focusing on the one work that I have actually made a lot of progress in.

I started out looking for a new idea to write about as I was running into problems with my previous ones, and I stumbled upon the idea that you should write something that you would want to read. I think that was the main problem with the previous pieces I had been working on, although they were fantasy and sci-fi, two of my favorite genres, I was finding flaws in them that would have caused me to not enjoy reading them. The fantasy one has targeted more at younger readers, probably because I had the idea for this when I was around ten years old and that is what interested me back then. The sci-fi one had some highly questionable science, and although that is the point of sci-fi, I just couldn’t find it realistic. Rather than trying to make these ideas more developed and less problematic, I decided to search for a new idea.

Using the ‘write what you want to read’ idea, I made a list of elements I would want in a novel. The things I came up with were:

  1. A strong female character who is central to the plot
  2. Fantasy elements and a fantasy world
  3. A complex and clever plot

I also figured out my main problem with writing – i always make my plots to complex then struggle to keep up.

So this time, I spent the last week of March designing a fantasy world, a magic system, my main characters, some important events in the backstories of the main characters, and a basic plot for the piece. And by basic I mean ‘we’re stuck in a cabin in the middle of winter and can’t leave’ sort of simple. I then catapulted myself into the hectic world of Camp Nanowrimo and wrote whatever came to mind. What I ended up with is a thirty thousand word long novella that still isn’t finished, but manages to flesh out the backstory of my two main characters. It’s like a prequel to the main novel, with a series of short stories about who they were before. This manages to have the first two things on my list, and sets up for the third.

I plan to finished drafting this piece, maybe add a little more detail and flesh out the world and characters a bit more, however I don’t plan to do much editing as anything could change when I write the actual novel with these characters which I will be starting in Nanowrimo in November. I have no clue what I will be writing in July Camp Nanowrimo, although I do aim to participate. I am currently considering writing a history book or religious text for my world to help me get a better understanding of it. Hopefully between now and then I will come up with a solid idea for a plot, although I already have a few ideas. The main thing is that I managed to write something, and I had fun doing it.

I really enjoy creative writing. It helps me to me more imaginative and see the world in different ways, as well as hopefully allowing me to give back to the book community.

Are any of you creative writers? How did you come up with your ideas for you current work? And where do you aim to take it from there? I’d love to hear from you down in the comments.


One thought on “My Writing

  1. I also write, but I couldn’t even begin to tell you where my ideas come from. I’m between drafts right now, but eventually I’d love to see one of my novels published some day (as I’m sure almost every writer ever said haha). Thanks for sharing and good luck!


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